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Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The Knights of MicroFiction is a bloghop hosted by Jess at Write, Skate Dream and Kathy at Imagine Today.

Today, the prompt is:

Your character is trapped in a space (of your choice). All they have with them is a broken coffee mug, an unlit candle and a cell phone with a dead battery. What happens?

Your entry cannot be longer than 400 words and we won't be taking entries after midnight on the 15th EST.

Christine Rains:

wanted to see another story of Maxine, the Goblin Princess, from END OF DAYS. So, Christine, here is Maxine in a Toy Store of the damned in the haunted French Quarter:


Genesis backwards: first light, now darkness. It sprang at me like a nebulous panther. I dropped the coffee mug I was going to buy.

A hollow tinny laughter echoed from all around me. Though it was August in New Orleans, winter visited my blood.

A demon child giggled to my left. Swift movement. My cell phone was snatched off my belt. I snarled as it was flung back into my face.

I caught it in mid-air. The battery was missing. Something didn’t want me calling for help.

As if.

The demon girl’s voice tittered from the toy shelves above me. “Aren’t you big to be visiting the doll section?”

A human would have been blind. I saw the fragments of the mug. It had read: I RATHER BE BARBIE.

I wanted to buy it. I was going to tell Higgins, Trish, Becca, and Alice I bought it as a joke. But the joke was on me. I would have given the soul I did not have to be Barbie.

“I always wanted a dollie,” I murmured, pulling the unlit candle from under my belt.

The demon girl’s voice now came to my left. “Aw, Mommie wouldn’t buy you one?”

“Mother took one look at me at birth, saw I looked like Father, and deserted the both of us.”

Demon Girl was right behind me. “Daddy that ugly?”

I flowed forward in the Parkour roll Victor taught me. The razor swipe would have sheared off a lock of my hair if my head weren’t shaved.

I laughed bitterly. “No, Father was that … human.”

The Victorian doll, with the deadly razor in its porcelain hand, stepped back in shock. “Human?”

I gathered the darkness to me like a lover. Now, Demon Girl was blind. I touched Mother’s spirit within the marrow of my bones. The candle started to melt at its end. I traced Mother’s symbol on the floor.

No, not a pentagram. You’re thinking Hollywood. The doll slashed wildly this way and that. I grinned cold as my soul.

I always wanted a doll. If you are lonely enough, you can convince yourself the sparkling eyes hold real love, the painted lips smile in true friendship.

If you are lonely enough.

I watched the doll step on Mother’s symbol.

Snap went the trap.

I snatched her up. She was bound to me.

I smiled, “I’ll call you Malice.”


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  2. Hi Roland, your paragraph "I always wanted a doll. If you are lonely enough, you can convince yourself the sparkling eyes hold real love, the painted lips smile in true friendship" is very poignant. That is going to stay in my mind all day.

  3. Wow, I can't say how much I absolutely loved this!! Very haunting but it kept me wanting more!

    Great job and thanks for participating!

  4. Anna:
    Glad you liked it.

    Maxine is happy to stay with you all day. She is, after all, a lonely girl. But ironically a "girl" who would be the best of friends if only given a chance.

    You might like Maxine in END OF DAY. She is a major character, a student at St. Marrok's, a high school for preternatural children in New Orleans.

    I am glad you liked Maxine. She likes you. Malice on the other hand ... :-)

  5. I agree with Sally. The line about the sparkling eyes and painted lips was great!

    Loved it! Thanks so much for participating. :)

  6. Kathy:
    I'm happy you liked that line. It pretty much sums up Maxine's inner wasteland. I hope Jess enjoys END OF DAYS that I sent her -- Maxine and her werewolf best friend, Higgins, play pivotal roles in it! Glad to have joined in the fun, Roland

  7. Just wanted to let you know you were one of our lucky winners! I'll be sending you an email soon with details. Congratulations!

  8. Kathy:
    Like Victor, I run for the fun of it, to join in the fun with my friends. But Maxine is very pleased her very own story won. Thank you from the both of us!!

  9. That was great, really dark but funny! Like Sally, I loved this part too:
    "I always wanted a doll. If you are lonely enough, you can convince yourself the sparkling eyes hold real love, the painted lips smile in true friendship.

    If you are lonely enough."

  10. Anstice:
    Maxine thanks you. It's always to nice to be on the good side of a goblin princess! :-)

  11. I loved it! It was dark, sad, intense, and had a few funny bits. I do love Maxine! Thank you so much for writing something with her.

  12. Christine:
    I did this post just for you since I know how much you like Maxine. I am toying with a short story where Maxine and Becca are off to rescue the werewolf, Higgins, from a revenge plot by her old pack.

    I'm happy you liked this story! :-)