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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


“On the Road that I have taken,

one day walking I awaken,

amazed to see where I've come,

where I'm going,

where I'm from.”

― The Book Of Counted Sorrows (Dean Koontz)

Isaac is officially a hurricane. And folks around here are officially unnerved. It is what it is.

If God is an author and the universe is the biggest novel ever written,

I may feel as if I'm the lead character in the story,

but like every man and woman on Earth, I am a suporting player in one of billions of subplots.

You know what happens to supporting players.

Too often they are killed off in chapter 3, or in chapter 10, or in chapter 35.

A supporting player always has to be looking over his shoulder.

So the only sane thing to do is to laugh.

As long I have laughter, I can hope. And I can ease the tension around me, healing a few hurts along the way.

Pray for those in New Orleans, for those children who do not understand but only see fear in the faces of those they trust to protect them, and for the elderly who have no one to care.

*This is a Photoshopped picture of a supercell thunderstorm that seems to pop up

with a new foreground every time

there is a hurricane threat anywhere," according to Bay News 9 Meteorologist Josh Linker.


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  1. Stay safe, Roland. Hopefully the storm will not increase in strength.

  2. Michael:
    Let's hope so. The wind is strong from Isaac nearly 300 miles away from New Orleans! Never underestimate the Turquoise Woman! :-) Of course, Hibbs could have told you that.

    Thanks for the good thoughts.

    The next few days should be interesting. I'll try to stay safe and pop in here when I can manage it between rain gales and blood runs. Roland

  3. Think about you and hoping the hurricane does not do too much damage and that you stay stafe. Hopefully it will soon pass.

  4. We have been following Isaac as it blows toward you all. Our prayers are with you.

  5. Siv:
    By Friday, Isaac should be past us. Til then all bets are off! Brrr!

    Thanks for the prayers. It is a comfort.

    We rare blood couriers have to head into harm's way to help those who cannot help themselves. But my times are in The Father's Hand.

    Thanks for the concern. :-)

  6. Hoping you are safe, Roland or doing your best to stay calm or run, whichever is appropriate.

    Head for the library. Books can be useful for survival purposes.

  7. Thanks, D.G.:
    The library was always the safe haven for Victor Standish! :-)

    But as a rare blood courier, I have to take to the flooded roads these next few days. Someone has to carry the rare blood to those who need it. Say a prayer for all the firemen, police, EMT's, (I hear the sirens even now),and utility workers braving the elements for the welfare of others during Isaac!

  8. Stay safe, Roland! I've lived through so many hurricanes growing up in Florida I couldn't count them. You'll do great. Let us know how you are doing.

  9. Prayers going out to NOLA tonight!

  10. Ciara & Heather:
    Isaac has made landfall. Here is where it gets interesting. Thanks for the concern. I've been through this before. No fun but the work needs to be done. :-)

  11. Stay safe. Thoughts are with you all.

  12. Do your best to stay safe Roland, you're in my thoughts, as are all those down South. Beautiful quote by the way, I love Dean's Counted Sorrows quotes!

  13. Be careful, Roland! Take care.

  14. I often feel sad when a supporting character gets killed off early. I'm glad to hear Isaac won't be responsible for your untimely death, Roland. What a chill of fear must crawl up your spine to have a hurricane come your way again, though!

  15. Hope all is well with you. Stay safe.

  16. Read about your predicament on Heather Murphy's blog. Thinking of you and I'm so sorry for all you and your city have endured.

    Keep being you.