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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Each new version of Amazon’s Kindle eInk reader is lower-priced than the last one.

There’s been speculation that the price will eventually go to zero,

perhaps taking a page out of the cell phone model.

Think about the upcoming competition the Fire is encountering.

First there’s Google’s Nexus 7. I’ve heard the Nexus 7 described as “the tablet the Kindle Fire should have been.”

If that’s not bad enough, there’s also the iPad mini Apple is supposedly working on.

What if the smaller iPad matches the $199 price of the Nexus and Fire? Will Amazon go to $149? 99? How about free?

There is a sense of urgency in the tablet space, especially if Apple delivers something for $199.

But if Amazon drops the Fire’s price to zero can they really subsidize it with ebook purchases?

Perhaps, but the more likely model is one that incorporates Amazon’s Prime membership program.

Prime is one the key factors that distinguishes Amazon from everyone else.

Amazon Prime is the online equivalent of a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. Amazon wants everyone to become a Prime member because

it increases the odds you’ll buy more products from them.

After all, you want to justify that $79/year investment.

According to, Amazon began to send out press conference invites on Thursday for their big announcement,

scheduled for September 6th in Santa Monica, California.

The speculation over this event is

that it will be the unveiling of the brand new Kindle Fire 2 tablet.

The expectations are that Amazon will introduce both a 7-inch update to their current tablet, as well as a bigger 10-inch tablet to rival the iPad and other tablets.

It appears that soon we will know something concrete.

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  1. Interesting news, Roland. A Kindle isn't in my budget now (and besides,we have a KOBO, it's functional, even if only one-purpose.

    I was thinking of adding sidebar badges of the two of your books I've read. Should I copy them from your page or can you send them to me? (The Legend of Victor Standish, and End of Days)

    Let me know. Thanks. (I usually do this for any book I review and like)

  2. I have to buy my books at yard sales so...

  3. Like!

    I've told myself I wouldn't buy an e-reader or tablet until I finish my book. By then, they'll probably be free. (:

  4. D.G.:
    Darting in between blood runs right now. I am a bit cyber-challenged so a badge is out of my grasp.

    Copying from my sidebar would be great. Blogger allows you to copy and paste the link to the Amazon book page if you go there yourself.

    Thank you so much for doing this. It means a lot to me, Roland

    I still go to used book stores and get many great bargains that way!

    Thanks for liking my Author's page! I think Amazon giving Kindle Fires for free in exchange for us buying Amazon Prime is more wish than truth!! :-) Good luck on your novel, Roland

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