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Sunday, August 12, 2012



has me as a reporter of sorts. The ghost of Mark Twain is chuckling, seeing as how he started out as one himself.

"But, son, when I was one I knew about it! You sorta backed into it."

I merely reported on what others said first:

That Amazon may very well release their Kindle Fire 2 this upcoming week. Why do others say that?

Both Gizmodo and Good E-Reader have especially convincing posts yesterday

about the very real possibility that Amazon’s long-awaited iPad alternative will be available to consumers very soon–perhaps as early as this coming week.

From the Gizmodo post:

“If you want to know if Amazon’s new Kindles are coming out—and what they’ll be—don’t listen to analysts or supply chains or, yes, even blogs.

One trip to Amazon today will tell you nearly everything you need to know about when, and what, Amazon’s about to unleash on the world.

When bargain hounds opened their Amazon Deal of the Day email yesterday morning, they were met with a bargain basement Kindle DX. Amazon's black sheep 10-inch e-ink tablet is $110 off today, a 29% discount.

It's the kind of deal you offer when you want to clear out inventory, fast."

Want to buy a Kindle Touch today?

Sorry, you're out of luck. There's an 8-9 day shipping wait on the model with speci.

al offers, and you can only get the $140 ad-free version through third party vendors. A Kindle Touch 3G, then? Sorry, that's currently unavailable.

Amazon's done making the previous generation of Kindle Touch. Plain and simple.

Amazon has a track record of drastically reducing the price on expensive stock to clear the way for new product.

What will happen this week with Kindle Fire 2? Don't ask me. I don't even know why fools fall in love.

Thanks to CJM CHRONICLES for looping me into my 10 seconds of fame.

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