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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BLOOD MOON_which Blogger obviously hates!!

Blood Moon.

I was watching it rise as I waited for the Beaumont blood courier at the Texas gas station we couriers call the "Star Wars Cantina" --

for all the colorful folk who frequent the place. I was actually followed into the men's room once by a woman offering financial romance, as it were.

I was saddened by how her addiction drove her to such desperation. I declined as politely as I could to save what remained of her pride.

I know the blood moon was a trick of the atmosphere bending the light rays. But it was beautiful. As I watched it slowly rise, I saw it change eerily from vanilla creme to stark skull white.

The Lakota believed the full moon's face of shadows belonged to the fearsome Turquoise Woman, for whom you should have respect for she had none for you.

And I thought how we change like this blood moon as we rise from the horizon of our birth.

Our spirits are bent by the atmospheres we send them through : the atmospheres of hope, dashed dreams, courage under pressure, and faith in he whom the Lakota call the Great Mystery.

I sometimes call Him that as well, for what He is up to much of the time is a great mystery to me.

When I was a substance abuse counselor, a client once told me his theory about the anguished history of this haggard world :

God put all the mad souls from the rest of the universe on this asylum called Earth,

where life after life, the souls would have the chance to learn to be wiser, saner -- most stayed insane because it was familiar if not comfortable.

Seeing the scufflings and hustling at the gas station night after night, I thought how my client's theory looks more and more credible.

The daily headlines help there, too. Then, again maybe I was just blood moonstruck.

What did Thomas Wolfe write?

"We are always acting on what has just finished happening.

It happened at least 1/30th of a second ago. We think we're in the present, but we aren't. The present we know is only a movie of the past. So, then, to every man his chance -

to every man, regardless of his birth, his shining, golden opportunity -

to every man the right to live, to work, to be himself,

and to become whatever thing his soul and his vision can combine to make him."

May the windmills of your mind be a journey of peace and joy the rest of this week.

And here is an ancient but reflective song by Noel Harrison from the equally ancient classic movie THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR

Blogger has prompted Hibbs to beckon me to walk off into the sunset, seeking new, fun horizons :


  1. Laila Knight and others have been unable to read this post. I have re-posted, hoping twice is the charm.

    I have been thinking of taking up painting and the Spanish guitar again. The callouses from one would prove a challenge to the other! Blogger and Hibbs have almost persuaded me to walk off into the sunset.

    Happy trails, everyone, Roland

  2. I find the moon, in such a state, to be very beautiful. Sorry to hear about your Blogger battles (everyone has them from time to time!).

  3. Mary Mary :
    Yes, considering Blogger is free, I should be happy with the service that it does give me, right? Thanks for commenting. I was beginning to feel like I was playing my Spanish guitar to an empty house, Roland

  4. This is fascinating. I didn't know the lore behind the blood moon. Thank you for this!

  5. "We are always acting on what has just finished happening." How true. Lovely post Roland, thank you.

  6. Beautiful moon...maybe you're secretly a werewolf...a naughty one. ;) I know this is a serious post but I had to laugh at the "financial romance." You're just too cute sometimes. More info on the "Turquoise Woman," please. "The Great Mystery" have to know I love that. Our future self is marred by the experiences we face in life. I often wonder if we chose them before birth for this very purpose: to endure and reach a higher level of enlightenment. Interesting point of view. I don't believe Earth is a place for mad souls though...but a blessed place in which we are all given the opportunity to experience the grandeur of "The Great Mystery" in each of us in physical form. Time itself is a circle. Everything that has happened and will happen is happening right now, and we are all connected. :) I know, it may seem unorthodox, but I can be way "out there" when given the opportunity.

    PS: I adore Spanish guitar.

  7. What an evocative post, Roland. We spend most of our lives stumbling through, preparing for for whatever comes next and by the time we act, that whatever has already happened. A haunting thought and likely on the mark. Whether He, She, or Other, I do believe the great spirit has a plan, but I'm not convinced we always live up to expectations. How could we, since we so rarely live up to our own?

  8. And speaking of Blogger, I notice the 'R' is missing from my name. Excuse me, but WTF? Haven't I always been VR?

  9. Financial romance in Beaumont -- scary. I lived and worked in Beaumont for a while, and my mom was there for a dozen years. I find it disturbing that you are spreading Beaumont's blood around the US.

    A guy I worked with down there once said: If God were to give the Earth an enema, He'd stick it in somewhere between Beaumont and Port Arthur.


    I will add this, though -- I was single, and there are some beautiful women in that town.

    Which I guess proves how much of a sense of humor God has.

    - Eric

  10. Eric :
    I showed a male co-worker your comment. And after the laughter, he gasped, "That was freaking hilarious ... and true!"

    I can only say that Texas blondes have been the source of some of the most trouble I've had in a long time! Thanks for the laughter, Roland

  11. That picture is so creepy! I don't think I've ever seen one that red before.

    Boo on Blogger. When it acts like that I call it Blooger.

  12. Lydia :
    Yes, it was disheartening to say the least. Your name is so right!

    Thank you, VR :
    Still at work, so it's taken me some time to find time to write back.

    I'm sure I also fail to pass muster on the Great Mystery's plan. But I don't have his job qualifications either! LOL.

    Blogger sure steals from us, doesn't it? Every time I get a new follower, it seems to whittle down my original number so that I stay the same. What's up with that?

    As for robbing you of an R, I'm surprised they don't put my initials as S.O.B!! :)

    Laila :
    The ancient Greek philosophers like Marcus Aurelias and Socrates thought of life as circular as you do. As do the Lakota : to them life is one cosmic circle, a cosmic dreamcatcher, if you would. LOL.

    Tonight, I feel a bit like a werewolf : I feel like I want to take a bite out of something -- mainly the callousness of some medical techs! I will try to write more of the Turquoise Woman soon.

    She insists. LOL.

    Thanks, Siv :
    I've missed you. I grieve for all those hurting and mourning in Norway. Come back, hear?

    Heather :
    My mother being half-Lakota and half-Irish, I have a mind chockful of legends and myths. Luckily for my muse, right? LOL.

  13. This was very poetic. Also, the financial romance line was a classic. LOL!
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  14. Raquel :
    Sandra, my best friend, slugs me in the shoulder every time I use the "Financial Romance" line. I tried to put a humorous spin on what is a tragic lot for that poor woman.

    As for poetic, The Turqoise Woman guest-posts for me tomorrow or tonight, rather, at midnight. She has a way with words. (You have to be careful with an Entity that can toss around lightning bolts!)

  15. Terrific post Roland.

    Gorgeous moon although a bit disturbing. I, too am effected by the moon. My friends used to tease me and say Michael is PMS-ing again...Funny Huh, but in my case... pre moon syndrome or post moon syndrome. Either way it fit. LOL.

  16. Michael :
    Think how disturbing it would be, sitting in a dark gas station as you watched drug deals go down and saw gang members roughing each other up! Brrrr.

    I, like you, have always been fascinated and affected by the moon. Ah, the blood drive has come and delievered me a tarball of a problem to sort out. Where's Sam McCord when you need him? LOL. Roland

  17. Roland, I've found your post. I loved this. I am affected by the full moon, always wakes me up, and sometimes my moods too.

    I will be reading more of this, since I am basically what is jokingly refered to as an inside out apple [; Studied Indian lore and religion for 10 years. Somehow it made more sence to me than anything else.
    Blessings to you!