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Monday, August 15, 2011


I am a romantic.

Not just on Fridays. Just because I am taken with this brief glimpse into the mythical, lyrical love of Blake, son of Man, and Fallen, last of the faes,

I share it with all of you, my friends :

{Blake and Fallen have just arrived in the lethal beauty of Avalon. Fallen is spent from her earlier ordeals. The two seek a place where they might rest with the shelter of a lush green slope behind them. Fallen lays slumbering as Blake sits protectively beside her.}

(When they speak in thee's and thou's, they are speaking in the tongue of Faerie - Blake was given the gift of Tongues in LOVE LIKE DEATH.)

The moon had risen just enough to send a shaft of its light through the umbrella of oak branches above us. A diffused glow of icy white lanced down to caress Fallen's face in a shimmering halo. And suddenly, she looked as angelic and pure as an angel. My heart seemed to grow and burn within me. I loved her so. Her eyelids flickered apart slightly, and she smiled dreamily up at me.

"Who needs a campfire," she murmured, "when thy love burns so bright beside me?"

Reaching out with her right hand, she softly touched mine, never taking her gleaming, mysterious eyes off me. “To find something, one must picture it first in one’s mind. No wonder I could never find love, for I had yet to see thee.”

I forced my lips to whisper, “I am an orphan, Fallen. A pauper. I have nothing worthy of thee to give.”

“Just love me, Blake. Simply love me, and I wilt be the richest Sidhe in all Avalon.”

“That’s a given, Fallen.”

She wrinkled her nose like a rabbit. “Oh, I knew that.”

Then, she laughed in her sleepy, impish way and shifted just enough to nestle her head in my lap. And just like that, she was asleep again. And I felt the richest orphan in all the world.

I don’t know how long I sat there with her head resting in my lap. I could have sat there for eternity and never regretted a second of it. After a time, I gingerly reached out and stroked her soft, velvet hair, careful not to mess up its intricate knots and weaves. Instead of waking up, Fallen just wiggled and started purring like a lost kitten having found home.

I stiffened just a bit. Home. I smiled. I had found home again. And it wasn’t Avalon. It was Fallen. I was home. And it felt wonderful.

I just sat there as the minutes flowed into hours and soaked up the peace and contentment I had thought would never be mine again.

As I sat there, trying to burn this scene, this moment, this feeling so deep into my heart and mind that I would never forget it, something white in the corner of my eye moved slightly. I went stiff, fear shooting across my chest. I turned my head slowly so as to not draw attention to the fact that I had spotted what was approaching. And then, I saw her.

The White Lady of Montaigu.

The slayer of all lovers who crossed her path.
And now to share with you the music of Josh Groban that I was hearing in my heart and mind as I wrote (the love theme to ROMEO & JULIET) :



  1. That one gave me the shivers, but in a good way! You are indeed a romantic at heart!

  2. Seems to me like you're the one with the gift of Tongues, the ability to portray love as such an innocent force it makes men envious of the perfection. Your characters are so different yet they complete each other. They burn with the same flame, and it moves me. I'd like to keep them protected in a bubble. I'm hoping to steal some time so I can get to reading more of your book.

    Curious, in layman's terms, and because my stories are a bit more on the saucy side, do these two ever get it on? ;)

  3. Thanks, Heather :
    Yes, I have to admit to the crime of being romantic in a world that seems not to value that concept anymore. I'm glad you liked my excerpt.

    Laila :
    Blake is a romantic at heart, too, though his past has been harsh. And he re-awakens the bruised soul of Fallen with his love.

    Yes, they do "get it on" at the end of the novel but in such a way several beta-readers have told me that they are still haunted by it.

    Those same beta-readers have told me that THE PATH BACK TO DAWN is possibly the most erotic, yet hauntingly moving, fantasy they have read. Period.

    Sandra is a harsh critic. But that said, she does not read many fantasies -- so there is that! LOL.

    And Blake and Kirika do get up close and personal in PATH as well.

    Thanks, Talli :
    I was just in a romantic mood today, so I thought others might be, too. I'm happy you liked it, Roland

  4. Even those who claim not be romantic, are. They just don't know how to express it or maybe they're in denial!

  5. Step away from the duck!

    I love a little romance...:)

  6. Wendy :
    I think you are right there. Many are just afraid of appearing weak or unmanly. Sigh.

    Lydia :
    You saved the duck! For today. LOL. Roland

  7. Oops about my earlier comment about Sandra :

    She is a harsh critic, but despite that, she loved BLACK ROSES IN AVALON. She emailed me that I made it sound as if she did not like it.

    She would comment here, but it is a public forum, and she is ... ah, direct. Sigh. I can feel another email from her coming after that! Just think of what Bette Midler would write me, and you will be close. LOL

  8. First of all, thank you for your visit and your kind comment, Roland. It is nice meeting you, your fabulous site and your interesting and talented work... Mistery and romance...just great.. I will surely be back to read more.
    Have a great friday/Eclipse

  9. Thanks, Eclipse :
    Yours is a beautiful blog and your verses are lovely, Roland