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Friday, August 5, 2011


It is Friday once again, and with its arrival comes the Romantic Challenge of Francine and Denise_VOICES.

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My 395 word entry is LOVE NEVER WALKS ALONE from my historical fantasy, ADRIFT IN THE TIME STREAM.

It is 1853 aboard the cursed transatlantic steamer, DEMETER. To save his love, Meilori, and the LAST FAE, Fallen (yes, she is in this novel as well), Samuel McCord has walked through the Door of Nasah (‘testing’ in ancient Hebrew) into utter darkness :

The light of love slipped through the black shutters of this strange realm. It was warm and emerald. The light I saw in the eyes of Meilori. My torch that I would carry in this darkness.

I kept walking.

Meilori’s eyes seemed to waver. I remembered her anger, her warnings, her despair. I clung to our bond, our love bruised but enduring, curling about my spirit like perfumed smoke rising from the embers of our hearts. I would endure. I had to endure. For her.

Laughter. Cold. Brittle. Knife sharp.


I slowed but kept moving ahead. I shivered. Not from the cold, but from a sudden growing warmth within me.

Meilori. Her velvet words spoke inside my mind.

‘Beloved, wherever you are, know this -- you are a great man.’

I started to protest but her soft words stopped me.
‘Hush, I do not have long before DayStar senses I am talking to you. You are Samuel Durand McCord, beloved, and you are a great man.’

I could have sworn I felt the lingering caress of tender fingers on my cheek.

‘You turned your back on war to save innocents. You fought cruel laws, usually to no avail. You have written no symphony save that of your deeds. You have written no poems outside words of comfort to those in pain.’
This time I did feel her invisible lips on mine.

‘Yet you are greater than any general, any composer, or any poet I have ever known.
You are great because you are kind when you could have so easily learned to be cruel. You are great because you love when so little has been shown you. You are great because you are humble when you have the power to be a tyrant.’

I felt my nose tweaked.

‘And finally you are great, not because you never fail, but because you never quit. Now, do not make me a liar!’

And suddenly the blackness was colder because my sense of her was gone. Snatched away like life by a pistol shot. DayStar must have sensed her talking to me.

I burned to go back to her. I knew better. With life in general, and with DayStar in particular, there was no going back. No, I had to bull this one through to the end. Through to my end if everyone’s warnings were right.

What I think of as the love theme for Samuel and Meilori :



  1. Samuel and Meilori, sigh! How tense, how magnificent at the same time. Love 'curling about my spirit like perfumed smoke rising from the embers of our hearts.' (((sighs again))). This is a truly poetic piece Roland. This theme is perfect for your prose.


  2. love the backstoy. I so enjoy these two. What an epic love they share


  3. There's nothing quite like otherworldly love, especially when the characters have to combat every odd to be together. You should have been a poet..wondering if you've written any poetry that stashed in your closet somewhere. Have a great day! :)

  4. Denise :
    Thanks for the very kind words. Sam and Meilori are special to me. I think of them as the Cid and his Dona Jimena (from the movie that I and the rest of the League of 5 would watch and re-watch -- hiding our tears at the end from one another, of course!)

    Donna :
    I do love my backstories! But life and those we meet are full of them, right? Thanks for enjoying Sam and Meilori's love affair.

    Laila :
    I think you might truly enjoy the end of ADRIFT IN THE TIME STREAM -- it pits their love against the very incarnation of evil himself.

    And I have written Haiku's. In fact, Meilori's speaks one in RITES OF PASSAGE and Kirika quotes in the LOVE LIKE DEATH trilogy :

    Dreams drift like clouds,
    I reach to touch the moon,
    I grasp but empty night.

    Thanks, all of you, for visiting and talking to me in my enforced exile, Roland

  5. What beautiful imagery. I love the idea of their love curling about his spirit. This is breathtaking!

  6. Heather :
    Yes, Samuel is by nature a poet and philospher, forced into a life of violence by his tragic past. It's challenging and fun to write his perspective of the Old West and being an undead Texas Ranger. Thanks for enjoying his words. Roland

  7. Your imagery is stunning. The lines you write could well be poetic. The ethereal touch of her and his sense of her closeness is wonderful.
    Very interesting characters and
    a lovely read, thank you.

  8. I never tire of these two, you already know how I feel about them, so thanks :)

  9. Meilori sounds like a great spirit to have on one's side, a voice whispering in the ear (or heart.) Love the tweaking the nose business!

  10. Hi,

    What can I say: I'm in love! I've been in love with McCord since you first introduced him via your blog! ;)

    Lovely, lovely, lovely.


  11. Hello Roland.
    The more I read of these two, the more it makes me believe you're a true romantic like me!

    You always have my attention from beginning to end. Visuals are great. This is definitely a love story that withstands the tests of time.

    Nicely done!

  12. DaydreamerToo :
    I'm glad you liked my take on the Voices challenge. I tend to be lyrical sometimes ... especially with love.

    Sarah :
    They're my favorites, too. I guess we're kindred spirits.

    Beverly :
    Meilori is careful to balance her praise with a pinch of salt or of the nose!

    Thank you, Francine :
    Sam says if only he weren't spoken for he would make a trip to England!

    Andy :
    Thanks for the great words. Yes, I am a romantic. But don't let it get out : Victor will never let me live it down! Roland

  13. Oh, a bonus haiku in the comments section! Like it :-)

    I found the lines on "a great man" very moving. It can't be said enough in this world, that the measure of a man is his capacity for what some few as the "weak" virtues - love, humility, and forgiveness.
    Well done :)

  14. Lovely share... I like that her words are inspiring and motivating him to continue with his quest.

  15. Li :
    I love Haiku's, don't you? I am glad that you found Meilori's reasons on why she considered Samuel "great" to be of worth. Like you, I think many often confuse "cool" with character.

    Thank you, Roland

    Heaven :
    The tragedy of it is that she is certain that if he succeeds in his quest, what he will learn will mean he will never call her "beloved" again.

  16. Hi Roland, back for judging. And to have another read of course. This was so magical.

    There is a discussion on-going on the RFWer site. Would appreciate if you would drop by, leave a comment and vote. We need your input!

    Here's the direct link:

    Thank you


  17. Denise :
    Meilori and Sam are magical to me, too. I visited your discussion and left my meager thoughts. Have a great new week, Roland