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Tuesday, August 2, 2011




If you write a review of any of my 11 eBooks, you get FIVE entries into my contest.

How cool is this?

So if your name is not selected to win the FREE STEPHEN KING AUTOGRAPH, you may still win a FREE DEAN KOONTZ AUTOGRAPH.

Those of you who have already written a review of one of books are already entered. Don't you wish you had written one now?

There is still time. SEPTEMBER 1ST will be the drawing.

The ghost of Samuel Clemens will do the drawing. No, just joshing. It will be my best friend, Sandra Thrasher, the straightest arrow I know.



  1. "readers are either gonna hit me upside the head, or they're gonna love it."

    That's the kind of writer I want to be. It's what I think I've accomplished in my women's fiction trilogy. Well, I keep getting Agent rejections, so I must have accomplished my goal :)

    I'm thinking I need to take about three months off blogging and writing my own stuff to read/revie

    I love all the books my bloggy friends have self publlished. And I want to give the devotion the books deserve . .

    I wish I were that brave; to inde-publish all my works. I will catch up Roland, and read/review everything my friends have published.


  2. This is my favorite Koontz book! You're cracking that whip on us reviewers. ;) Love it! I'm terrible about getting reviews up so I need someone cracking a whip! LOL!

  3. Very good of you to choose an honest friend to do the drawings. Best of luck to everyone! :)

    I miss your stories.

    So, have you met either author?

  4. Oh wow! First Mr King and now Koontz. Two out of three of the writers who inspired me as a kid. Nice one :)

  5. Donna :
    Zoe Winters, a popular Indie author, had to take a blog vacation to do what her dreams urged : write her books!

    I am trying to create a backlist of novels that new Kindle owners of this Christmas season will have to choose from.

    That way -- should any reader like one of my books, he or she will have a selection of books to choose from. Don't you hate it when you discover an author you love only to discover she or he has only one book out?

    Heather :
    My favorite Koontz book is FEAR NOTHING. Sadly, he gave up on the trilogy with the 2nd book! Rats!!

    I'd like to see what you think of one or two of my books. Brave soul, aren't I? LOL.

    Laila :
    Sandra says she is open to bribery of dark chocolates. She was only joking! She'd break one of my fingers before she now would let me cheat. Friends protects friends from themselves she always says.

    This Friday will see another excerpt. This one from the tale of Sam's and Meilori's turbulent love affair aboard the cursed transatlantic steamer, the DEMETER.


  6. Sarah :
    I have a smoke-stained volume penned by Dean Koontz which survived my house fire : HOW TO WRITE FICTION. It is out of print now. So I treasure this fellow fire survivor as an old friend who helped me be the writer I am. (At least the good parts of my writing! LOL.)

  7. That Koontz cover is really spectacular!

    This is a great idea for a blog contest!

  8. ...I'm on the road this week, Roland, but definitely owe you a review, and quite honestly, am ashamed that I've yet to write one up for you.

    Soon as I kick in my front door this weekend, I'll hook you up.

    As you already know, I'm a big fan of Koontz ;)

    Stay in the shade, my friend.


  9. Lydia :
    Isn't THE TAKING cover a great one? Thanks for the compliment. I hope you write a review and have a shot at one of the 3 autographs. Whose is the 3rd? Turn in tomorrow!

    Elliot :
    Don't feel bad about the no review and less time. I, myself, worked 13 hours straight Sunday and drove 400 miles. It took sleeping all of yesterday and most of today to become human again.

    It is 100 degrees in my oven apartment right now, and I can't even open the door for air due to the mosquitoes the size of hawks outside!!

    Be careful on the road this week, Elliot. I'm just glad you are my friend. Anything beyond that is just being greedy! LOL. Roland