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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Victor Standish here.

So there I was : downing ice teas with the Sensei (that's the Spirit of Bruce Lee to you, guys) and Roland.

We'd worked up a little thirst from practicing Wing Chun for an hour.

{I'd made the mistake of asking Sensei how Wing Chun was different from Jeet Kune Do. I'd forgotten that for him, the best explanation was action.}

And after a small sip of green tea, Sensei told Roland he was being unfair.

You know how big a softie Roland is, so he was all "What? How? When?"

"All these new visitors you have invited to your blog ...."

"The Platform Builder Guys and Gals, right?," I smiled.

Sensei did not smile back. He doesn't like to be interrupted.

"That is right, Victor. They have just arrived to hear about a contest for autographs that is about to end without giving them fair time to read, review, and enter."

Roland said, "I can see your point, but what can I do?"

"Postpone the drawing until say ... the Ides of September."

Roland rubbed his face. "I don't know how my long-time friends will feel about that."

I jumped in (Roland's more forgiving about being interrupted than the Sensei.) "Why not hold a vote Tuesday and Wednesday, letting everyone who visits you decide."

Sensei nodded. "That is a fine idea, Victor."

His eyes sparkled. "For once."

So there you have it, guys. It's up to you. Postpone the drawing (Yes) or Hold it at the regular time (No)

It's up to you. C'mon. Don't let me down in front of the Sensei!

YES or NO?


  1. I say wait so our new friends can join in on the fun!

  2. Thanks, Heather :
    Victor just blew you a kiss for being the first one to vote YES. What can I say? He's a scamp. LOL. Roland

  3. Of course you should extend it, the more the merrier :-)

  4. ...let it ride, my friend. The more the merrier ;)


  5. Thanks, Sarah & Elliot :
    That's 3 YES votes so far. Victor tried dancing a little jig with Alice, his ghoul friend, out of happiness. She grumbled something about "finger sandwiches"! She is not a morning person, ah, ghoul. LOL. Roland

  6. Hold off and let the knew people have a go. You joined the :)

  7. I think I would say yes.

  8. Hey fellow campaigner. I'm gonna check out the HG trailer because I just read that book this past summer. It was AWESOME!