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Monday, August 22, 2011



Yes. It surprised me, too.

I keep track of what countries visit me and what key words on Google led them to me.


They were all popular. But every day my post “WHY FRIENDSHIP?” is a magnet for visitors.


We yearn for it,

For we are the Hollow People.

Science will tell you that. Inside an atom is a nucleus, composed of flying neutrons and protons.

The nucleus is orbited by electrons, travelling so fast, they seem to form a solid shell. In between them? Empty space.

Squeeze all the empty space out of each of our atoms, and we would be but a handful of dust.

Like an atom’s nucleus, many of us fly through life so fast, we project the illusion of solidity.

But like the atom’s nucleus, we are hollow.

Walk the streets of any large city and look into the eyes of those you pass. Slip through the veneer we put up to keep the predators at bay,

and you will see the hollowness of their spirits,

yearning for friendship, for connection with a kindred spirit.

To no longer be hollow.

That is why friendship plays such a large role in all of my novels, as in this scene from CREOLE KNIGHTS when Meilori’s is re-opened after Hurricane Katrina :

I was standing by the oak door and appreciating the colorful exit of the sun, off to see what the other half of the world had been up to. There was a rustle of satin cloth to my right.

I looked away from the sky and saw Sister Magda already by my side. She was one of the few people who could sneak up on me. Personally, I thought she teleported.

Looking more like Diana the Huntress than a nun, she smirked, “Teleport? Me? How far males will go to protect their prides.”

“Hello, Magda. You know there are goddesses who are envious of your beauty.”

She smiled, and it was a sight De Vinci would have been hard put to do justice to on canvas.

“I insult you, and you compliment me. Is there no end to the depths of your depravity?”

“Apparently not, since I’ve irritated the hell out of the mayor, the governor, and the President, his teeny tiny self. And I’ve not even let out a third of the secrets I know about them.”

We both laughed. Grief was an undercurrent to it. But so was a deep friendship.

I tried to ignore the grief and to lay fast to the friendship. It was a way to live. A good way I think.

Her smile faded. Mine did, too. Shit, here it came.

“I have come to talk to you of Renny.”

I sighed. “I’ve stayed away these past days. I’ll keep on being scarce.”

Her fingers lightly touched my cheek. “You are a fool.”

“I hope you’re not expecting an argument from me.”

“Do you know what keeps my Renny going?”

“Reckon I do. Your love for him and his for you.”

She sighed as if it were a wound. “That and one thing more.”

“What more could there be?”

“You believing in him. Your friendship.”

“I - I don’t know what to say.”

“Say that you are glad to see him when he comes in later tonight, that you have missed him.”

“I have missed him.”

“Then, tell him so.”

“Do you think it is such a good thing for him to come here?”

“No, it is a terrible idea. But it would be a worse one for him to stay away from his best friend.”

Her long forefinger prodded into my chest. “Can you ‘reckon’ that?”
Seeing the fire in her eyes, I forced out, “If I can’t, I’ll lie and say I can.”



  1. I think of this as Sam's song for the love of his life, Meilori Shinseen. The "old man" and the boy are, of course, are Sam and Victor Standish. The lady is Meilori. But I am a romantic. Roland

  2. Hi Roland .. interesting that friendship comes up first .. shows us a thing or two .. and I love the photo .. "True friends are hard to come by" ..

    We don't need to be ephemeral that's for sure .. and as people we can build that solid backbone upon which we base our lives and to which others' are drawn.

    Cheers .. I can see your Sam's love for Meilori .. glad you're a romantic .. Hilary

  3. Thanks, Hilary :
    Glad you visited and chatted. I hope your new week goes smoothly and happily, Roland

  4. I too find it interesting that friendship comes up first and am greatly comforted by that. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I've got to admit, when I first read the title I had the same initial reaction you did! But of course you're right, as your post so eloquently put it. :)

  6. I love that friendship tops your search list. I'm sorry that this friend of yours has been so scarce for so long. You are always in my thoughts, though, and I'm so glad to see on popping in this evening that you've been busy in my absence. New books, new trailers, new contest. Congratulations, my dear friend, Roland.

    So great to see you! that rebel, Olivia

  7. Hmm, interesting. I always thought the word Sex would draw visitors, not that I'd ever put it in my post title. ATM when blog comments seem way down maybe I'll have to resort to that, ha ha...


  8. The latest thing that brings people to my blog is a search for men in Speedos. Which I featured once in a post that really had nothing to do with that topic.

    I'm pretty sure friendship is better.

  9. Elle :
    Great sex last minutes. A great friendship lasts a lifetime. Like you, I am comforted that so many value friendship.

    Heather :
    It is surprising, isn't it? But uplifting as well.

    Olivia :
    Great seeing you back here, old friend!! I am going after my dream full-tilt. There's no other way, is there?

    Denise :
    I tried a little experiment last month : just posting the title, SEX, with 2 photos : Angelina Jolie and Eric Northman, both clothing-challenged. And you're right : the hits jumped, as well as the comments! LOL.

    Ami :
    Like you, I'm pretty sure sex grows state a lot faster than a great friendship! :) Roland

  10. Friendship beats sex? Certainly, I would be more likely to approach a person who is offering me friendship over sex. Still, the two complement each other so well...probably the reason why I made of my best friend a lover and husband. It's no secret that as individuals we do crave each other, and, in this lovely world, it's wonderful to have friends with which to laugh and play. :)

  11. Laila :
    It's in being friends with your partner that sex blooms into love. How cool is that? Or hot, depending on your perspective. LOL.

  12. Rowland, Fantastic insights! As I began reading, I thought, "No way." But you make valid points, and gave me a different perspective to consider. Thank you. Nice segue into your exert, by the way. Good read.

  13. Beautiful sentiments; both in the post text and the novel excerpt.

    I value friendship beyond anything else, so I'm glad the search engine verifies others feel the same way.


  14. Marne Anne :
    My fingers betray me all the time on the keyboard! LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed my post, Roland

    Donna :
    Friendship lasts when everything, even love, fades. At least that is my story, and I'm sticking with it! :) Roland