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Saturday, January 7, 2012


"As you get older it is harder to have heroes,

but it is sort of necessary."
- Ernest Hemingway.

I quote Hemingway because Michael Di Gesu is one of my heroes. He toured the world as a model, gaining wisdom and perspective.

When the winds of fortune blew against his career, he defiantly re-set his sail, using the ill wind and his knowledge picked up along the years to become an interior designer.

When the tides of that venture slowed, he ventured forth into new waters : that of becoming a published writer. His never-ceasing good humor, determination, and talent will see him succeed in this I am sure.

Michael lives another Hemingway quote :

"But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are stronger at the broken places."

Michael is such a stronger person.

So that was why I was so happy when, after THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH sold the necessary copies, I drew Michael's name to win the AUTOGRAPHED MICHAEL WHELAN LITHOGRAPH of SUNRUNNER.

He gained 20 entries when he posted a review of THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH on AMAZON, SMASHSWORDS, GOODREADS, and finally on his own blog, IN TIME :

Check his blog out why don't you? And if you're not already, become a Follower, too.

Now, when I sell only 10 more copies of THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH, I will draw from the names of the reviewers of it on Amazon for AN AUTOGRAPHED ROBERT DOWNEY, JR. IRON MAN POSTER. How cool is that?

If you are a current reviewer of LEGEND, now is the time to give it away as a gift (100% of the profits this January go to The Salvation Army). If you haven't reviewed it ...

Now is the time to do it before the 10 copies are bought!

When only SIX more reviews are posted on Amazon,

I will draw from the 15 names for AN AUTOGRAPHED CHARLES SCHULTZ 1967 LIFE MAGAZINE. {Or if you wish, A CLINT EASTWOOD AUTOGRAPH.}

This could be an early Christmas for you.
If you want to see who could play Samuel McCord and his mystic love, Meilori, watch this trailer :


  1. Hi Roland! A lovely tribute to a lovely guy who I'm sure will reach his heart's desire before too long!


  2. Hi Roland.Nope, blogger hasn't kicked me out of your club 'yet'. It's a well known fact that blogger hates me. Don't know what I ever did to him (secretly I'm sure blogger is a woman -vindictive bitch, is more like it) Anyway...what a nice tribute to Michael.

    Love the Hemingway quotes.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Congratulations to Michael! I'm reading Call Me Tombs at the moment. And you are at a thousand my friend!

  4. Denise :
    Michael is, indeed, a great guy. Ladies get to call him lovely. Us, manly men, don't get to use that word! LOL. Like you, I am confident that his never-quit attitude, along with his talent, will grant him success soon. Thanks so much for visiting and chatting!

    farawayeyes :
    Isn't Blogger something? It already has taken my 1000th follower in a tantrum of spite. Go figure. LOL. Have a lovely weekend.

    Alex :
    Thank you for feeling so happy for my short-lived 1000th follower. Well, you can't have everything. I mean, where would you put it?

    EVEN MORE THANKS for reading CALL ME TOMBS. I hope Tombs and his hellhound, Puppy, give you a few smiles today! I'm awaiting your latest. And A DEAD GOD'S WRATH looks very interesting! Thanks for pointing it out to me, Roland

  5. Couldn't be more happy for my cyber brother and dear friend. Lovely tribute Roland, I too am sure this will be his year to prevail and conquer the writers world. Have a great week-end.

  6. Hi Roland! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!!

    I think I'm your 1000 follower! Whoa! :)

  7. I LOVE Michael Whelan!! I fell in love with his artwork when I picked up Anne McCaffrey's The White Dragon many years ago. (And she sparked my desire to become an author.) I have a book on him and a full size print framed on my wall of The White Dragon. He even did some Cthulhu inspired artwork. (Lovecraft is my other favorite author.) So envious!

  8. Cool blog, Roland. And I love your profile description. It's cool when bloggers come up with something creative instead of the usual ho hum. Thanks for your votes on Goodreads, too! Let me know if I can ever return the favor... And I checked out all your books on Goodreads. You've been busy! I can tell you devour writing like it's all-you-can eat shrimp night at Sizzler. I'm right there with you, getting full. :)

  9. Diane :
    I believe I have that same book. I fell in love with his art for the same cover, THE WHITE DRAGON. How cool is that coincidence?

    I have a Michael Whelan signed small print, PASSAGE TO SANTUARY. Tell you what, if you write a review of LEGEND and I draw your name for any of the many prizes that I am giving away, I will offer you the choice of the Michael Whelan signed print instead!

    Six more reviews and I will draw for a Charles Schultz autograph. Ten more copies of LEGEND are bought, and I will draw for a Robert Downey, Jr. autograph from the names of the existing reviewers of LEGEND.

    Rachel :
    I was happy to vote for you. Good to see another who attacks the publishing world with gusto! I tried to be creative with my profile. I feel good that you appreciated the effort! Don't be a stranger, here? Roland

  10. OMG, Roland, THANK YOU! I'M SOOOO EXCITED! I can't wait to get to Chapter 23! You are such a sweet, kind and caring soul to think of me. I'm off to tweet your gift!

  11. Kittie :
    Your comment made me smile from ear to ear. I am so glad you liked the gift. Early on in UNDER A VOODOO MOON, Victor runs a race against death throughout the French Quarter at midnight. You'll get to see some famous and infamous ghosts along with the sights!

    Thanks for tweeting about my gift. A review of the book will win you a place in my contest, too! :-) Roland

  12. And Roland, I count two over a thousand now!

  13. I am speechless. This is by far one of the nicest tributes written about me over the years. My Sis, Siv, wrote a lovely one last year that left tears in my eyes....

    Once more I am writing this through misty eyes.

    Thank you, Roland. This beautiful piece of art will be hung in a special place in my condo. Most likely the bedroom, close to my framed Sorcerer's Stone magazine ad.

    Congrats on finally achieving the coveted 1000 friends.... you deserve all this admiration. You help so many of us on our road to publication.

    Take care, my friend.

  14. WooHOO, congrats to ya, Michael! Lovely prizes. Enjoy! And thanks, Roland, for the opportunity. :)

  15. Alex :
    Yes, I have finally topped over. Actually to 1003 but someone ebbed away. A life lesson there, right? Thanks for having my back, Roland

    Michael :
    I meant every word I wrote. I'm happy that the burning from within dragon will light a spot in your bedroom to watch over your slumbers.

    That my friends care enough to visit me, then follow means a lot.

    May your new week bring happiness only, Roland

    Carol :
    I hope to see a review for LEGEND from you soon and be able to enter your name for these great prizes. Have a lovely week, Roland

  16. A worthy winner - and what a lovely tribute to such a wonderful guy!

    Good luck with meeting your sales milestones, and congrats on your recent thousand too - very well deserved!

    Laura xxx

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