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Monday, January 2, 2012


Don't ask me.

I don't even know why fools fall in love!

But Alex Cavanaugh has written a great post on how to do it :

He has pointed out 4 bloggers who are very close :

Nicole :

Matthew :

Jesse :

The fourth? Shy, bashful me.

Visit the three above and tell them Roland & Alex sent you. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


  1. Amen! And may all of you hit that number within the next day or two.

  2. Good luck on hitting the magic number Roland, I am sure you will as will the other great blogs mentioned.

  3. Alex :
    Thank you for your great kindness to the four of us. May Karma touch your new novel!

    Siv :
    I hope so, too. It's great seeing you here! Don't be a stranger. And have a great 2012! Roland

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed that you hit the 4 digit realm. You do a lot of good for everyone in this community and I am proud to follow. :)

  5. Happy New Year!!! found your blog through Alex's post.

  6. Happy New Year! Almost at 1000...that's great! *pops champagne cork* Okay, so I'm already a follower so I did the next best thing...I tweeted it!

  7. How awesome. You'll be long past that in no time.

    Happy New Year!

  8. Congrats Roland and Nicole, Matthew and Jesse. What a number! How to appreciate each one would be a problem. You do well with your numbers Roland. People come to yours to read great prose.


  9. I totally thought I followed you already! Stupid blogger doesn't register it sometimes, but I did beat you to it :)

    And I followed all these other awesome bloggers, if the follow button worked for them, lol.

  10. Good luck on the 1000! That's awesome! I'm looking forward to 100:) Thanks for posting the Valentien's Day blog hop button, looking forward to reading your entry!

  11. Melissa :
    Always good to read a comment from you! I'm honored you like my blog and think a do a bit of good for my fellow friends! Happy New Year!

    Tyrean :
    Don't be a stranger. Please come back! Roland

    Mina :
    You are a sweetheart to have tweeted my quest for the mythic 1000! Happy 2012 to you, too!

    Kimberly :
    I hope you are right! Please return to see what mischief I have gotten into! LOL.

    Denise :
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I try to make each visitor feel welcome and glad to have come & learned a little something or just to smile. Happy 2012 to you! Roland

    Cassie Mae :
    I thought you'd followed me, too. I just wrote that comment tongue-in-cheek! Have a beautiful tomorrow!

    Tonja :
    I'm so happy that you got out with your children in such a memory-making jaunt. Many more such for you this upcoming year!! Roland

    Hope :
    Thanks for the well wishes! I can't wait for the Valentine's Day blog hop. I'm proud to show your button. Good fortune! Roland

  12. Roland, I have really enjoyed reading your work these past few months. It's no surprise at all that you are approaching such a blogging milestone, or that Alex would give you a shout out. Congratulations, and best of the muse in the new year!

  13. Julie :
    Thanks for visiting these past few months. I'm really happy you keep coming back! You made a weary evening so much better!! And best of Muse to you as well this 2012! Roland

  14. You've come a long way in a short time Roland :) I'm sure the 1000 mark is just a breath away. I hope all your goals come true in 2012 for you.


  15. Donna :
    Thank you! Along with Michael, Alex, and Susan, I dedicated LAST EXIT TO BABYLON to you! Happy 2012! Roland

  16. How exciting, hope you get to 1k soon!! :)

  17. You're so close, Roland! Best of luck, and Happy New Year! :)

  18. Trisha :
    Thanks for the well wishes! I'm lucky to have friends like you. :-)

    Carrie :
    Your rallying me on means a lot. Have a great 2012! Roland

  19. It's kinda cheating, but I'm following under my new blog. Best of luck, brother!

  20. Thank you for following mine! I have no doybt the new year will be good to both our blogs!

  21. Will :
    I followed your new blog even before I knew you followed mine. LOL.

    Korsgaard :
    I was glad to follow yours. May it be so! Roland

  22. You deserve each and every one of them Roland.

  23. Glad to have found your blog and thanks for visiting mine.

  24. Hi Roland,

    I'm dropping by to lend my support! I'm coming by way your comment on my blog (thanks for following) and Alex's post.

    I've added myself as follower 975! You'll be at 1000 before you know it!

    Nice to meet you!

  25. Happy new year! You'll have 1,000 followers to celebrate with in no time, I'm sure of it!

  26. Wow, awesome numbers! You must be doing something right!

    Wagging Tales

  27.'s truly an accomplishment well deserved.

    Congrats in advance ;)


  28. Double checked, and I'm still following. Weird that GFC does that, though, it's done it to me before, too.

  29. You can do it! Quite an achievement if you ask me and my 186.

  30. Almost there. You've got a new follower in me too! Happy New Year Roland!

  31. Hey Roland!! You are now one person closer to reaching your 1000 follower goal! So glad to have discovered your blog...isn't it awesome what blog-hopping can do?! All the best to you and your family in the new year!

  32. You're almost there! You can do it. I'd help, but I followed you a LONG time ago. I plan to be a better commenter, too. Looking forward to more of your awesome posts and writing!

    Happy New Year! :)

  33. I heard through the grapevine that you were nearing 1000 followers...very well deserved. Your blog is unique and you give it that special touch that is you. I just stopped by to say hi and wish you a Happy New Year! I'm still hiding from blogger and not quite sure when I'll be back to posting or hopping. Take care of yourself, Roland. :)

  34. WOW! Blogger took my comments right before I was going to publish!


    Sarah :
    Your friendship makes blogging even more special.

    LD :
    Your blog was marvelous. Thanks for following and staying to wish me well.

    Jenny :
    Yesterday's post really was moving and thought-provoking. Thank you for following and caring enough to chat for awhile.

    Heather :
    I wouldn't be able to do it without great friends like you.

    Charmaine :
    My friends, both old and new (like you), are the reason I will make it, if I do!

    Elliot :
    I'm not congratulating myself just yet. But I will thank you immensely for your constant friendship!

    Matthew :
    Blogger is trying to drive us crazy I am sure of it! Your friendship means a lot to me!

    Joshua :
    You will make it too because of your heart and talent!

    Marta :
    Thank you for following! Yours is a lovely blog. I still envy you those dolphins coming so close and that trip to NASA!

    Eve :
    I am happy to have discovered your blog as well. This is some awesome community we have, isn't it?

    David :
    Thanks for visiting and for writing such a great blog yourself! I appreciate your long time comments and visits!

    Nicole :
    Thank you for having my back. May 2012 be great for us both!

    Laila :
    I've missed you. You are a special lady whose presence adds a sparkle to things. May your 2012 be all you wish!

  35. I enjoyed your post on Alex's blog very much. Congratulations on your achievements. Hope you have a great year ahead.

  36. Happy New Year Roland! Congrats on all you have accomplished~

    I love all you have to view over here! I need to catch up~

  37. Thank you, Elizabeth. May your 2012 hold only happy surpries! Roland

  38. Ella :
    You made my afternoon with your visit and nice words. Now, I'm off to the blood wars as a rare blood courier. Wish me luck, everyone. The roads are treacherous out there! Roland

  39. Hey Roland, I'm glad you left me that little message. I had not seen you come upon my 'dashboard' in a while and when I get here, I was not a'follower'. What's with that. I'm sure I had been.

    Anyway...I'm a ditzy blond, so it could have been me. Then there is the fact that blogger hates me. So, there you go. I'm on board now.

    I looked at the 'Hot Kiss Blogfest' and followed her site. Hopefully it will remind me. I'm shameless when it comes to excerpts from my WIP and a little 'free input'.

    Good luck on the 1000.I'm sure you'll be there in no time at all.

  40. Just twenty more to go! It WILL happen this week. Matthew just went over so you're not far behind.

  41. Good luck on the 1,000 followers. Nothing to be shy or bashful about! And have a great 2012!

  42. Congratulations on your milestone!
    I found your blog through Alex's recommendation and I'm your new follower.
    Happy New Year! Looking forward to your posts.

  43. Congratulations! All of those are good points to live by in blogging and in life I say :)

    - Ash

  44. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Well, after my follow you've got 18to go before your target. Though no doubt there will be another as I write this! Nice to meet you and look forward to finding out more about your books.

  45. farawayeyes :
    Blogger hates me. I will try to be a better visitor, but being a rare blood courier takes so much of my time! Even now, I am at work, waiting for a hospital to call! LOL.

    Alex :
    Thank you, my friend. I am taking anything for granted. I hope you like my Insecure Writer Support post tomorrow!

    Thank you, Stephen!
    You have a great 2012 yourself, Roland

    Thank you, Angela :
    Looking forward to your comments! Don't be a stranger, hear?

    Thank you, Ash :
    You have a kicker blog yourself!

    Nick :
    Yours is a fascinating blog. I hope you enjoy the post tomorrow! May 2012 be all our year! Roland

  46. I clicked over from Alex's site. Congrats on nearly reaching 1000 followers.

  47. I read it Roland...and yeah I remember you, I have been reading you a couple of years back, but I lost track of you...maybe because I have been so irregular in my blog!

    I guess I have been following you too!

    And you have read me also a couple of times...:) I could recall that!

    Yeo...see you again later!

  48. Okay, Roland, I'm about to follow you, so you've got one more! I popped over from Alex's blog post, and then I realized that you and I were both in Susan Kaye Quinn's Indie Book fest! I'm the author of Fireseed One. Cheers! Catherine

    I went to your site from Alex's blog at the same time! Cool. I'm your latest follower. Come back again, Roland

    Amity :
    Blogdom is so large that it is hard to keep track, isn't it? Please come and check out my posts again, Roland

    Catherine :

    Thanks for following me. Your FIRESEED ONE sounds intriguing. We are kindred spirits. Have a lovely week, Roland

  50. Hi Roland .. that's great .. so nearly there - one to go - where are you Mr Last One? .. dear Bayou ghosts please release Roland's latest follower lurking there .. don't be jealous .. he conscientiously does his blood runs for you .. and is constantly mentioning you ..

    The fog of mist will clear and that one last follower will materialise .. before you start with number 1 of 1000+ ..

    Have a great year Roland .. and many happy days with your writings .. cheers Hilary