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Monday, February 22, 2016


"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind."
 - Samuel McCord

My friends at CyPhaCon knew that Sundays always pound me to a pulp with blood runs,

 so they surprised me on Facebook and on their site: 

 “Showcasing our local guest is what we do best! 

Our pal, our friend and all around nice Guy Roland Yeomans will once again be attending CyPhaCon 2016! 

 If you have never met Roland, you might just want to say hi and get to know this local legend! 

CyPhaCon 2016 takes place April 8th-10th at the Lake Charles Civic Center.”

 “Good friends don’t let you do stupid things … alone.” 
 – Mark Twain 

Then, there is the lovely Denise Covey who is allowing me to take over her blog for a bit. 

 She would not let me do a stupid thing like yet another Book Tour alone without lending her support. 

Now, one Blogger acquaintance told me that her visits always slump when she hosts a book tour, so she respectfully declined my request. 

Please don’t let my good friend, Denise, suffer for being there for me! 

Visit her blog, and I promise you will laugh and even learn how to make your next novel even better. 

{If my guest post is not up, remember there is a time gap between America and Australia}

“A novelist is someone who leaps off a cliff and builds the plane on the way down.”
 – William Faulkner 

Together we can build my plane on the way down. 

 I promise to help you build your own plane the next time you jump off the cliff.


  1. What a wonderful shout-out for you! These are good friends indeed. Now I'm going over to check you out on Denise's blog.

    1. It is good to have friends like these. Thanks for being one of them, Helena. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. It was nice, wasn't it? Made a weary evening much, much better.

  3. That was really nice of them! Your friends rock.
    Already visited Denise today.

    1. They do, indeed,rock! :-) Thanks for visiting Denise, too.

  4. Hi Roland - that is really wonderful to see .. and yes I've been over to Denise's and then across to CyPhaCon - loved the brief bio note you did there: put a few loose ends into perspective.

    That will definitely make a break for you ... and cheer you up .... so pleased and may lots of contacts and sales come from it ..cheers Hilary

    1. Cross your fingers for this being a break for me! :-)

      And I had been feeling down of late -- it felt like I was pushing a stalled car uphill: all effort and no results! :-)

      Thanks for going to both sites. You're a good friend, Hilary.

  5. Another congrats for you! 2016 may be a very good year for the Roland Yeoman legends. And they call you a local legend, how nice is that? If that's you in the photo on the other site, where is your Stetson? I thought like McCord and his Stetson, it was always with you. . .it's nice to see a friend get a few accolades. I've been to Denise's of course.

    1. Yes, to be call me a local legend was nice of them. I had my store in the Mall for 12 years, so I got to know a lot of young people who have grown up to remember me.

      A Stetson would not have fit in with the Star Trek uniform! But it was in my locker waiting for me to leave.

      Your happiness at this upturn for me makes it all feel even better. Thank you, D.G.

      I sent you an email this morning. I think I fouled up some days back and sent my email to you to myself! How NOT cool was that? :-)