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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Bernie Sanders endorsed Hilary Clinton Tuesday which her supporters hope will unify the Democratic party.

But it left his supporters going, 

"Say what??"

"Politics as usual" most folks on the street sigh.  

Sanders will help in dealing with the aftermath of Hilary's email fiasco.

Let's be honest: 

if you or I had shown such bad judgement in sending sensitive government documents via our public servers ...

We would be under the jail right now, not able to run for dog catcher much less president.

Why was she the only 
Secretary of State to do this?

Having her own personal server gave Clinton

 -- as well as her closest aides -- 

much greater control over which emails were accessible under public records requests. 

Buy hey, there are so many skeletons in her closet, they could conduct square dances.

She is not the only politician to have skeletons, right?  

But that is just it: the whole system feels dirty, doesn't it? 

If you listen to the candidates on TV during this election, you would think the fate of western civilization hung in the balance 

when voters choose between Democratic and Republican candidates for office. 

When you look at actual governing decisions, 

the difference between the two major political parties is far from obvious.

 There is, of course, a difference in the rhetoric of the two parties. 

There is also a difference in the bases the two parties draw on. 

But it’s not obvious that these differences translate into differences in public policy.

 Why is that?

 Economists actually have an explanation.

 Democracies tend to have a “political equilibrium.” 

Think of a lot of different platforms that voters might vote for. 

If there is one platform that can defeat all others in a majority vote, 

that is the set of policies that politicians will naturally gravitate toward – 

regardless of where they initially start out.

If this did not happen, chaos would be the result.  

Each election would flip major policies back and forth.  No stability.

 Certain Latin American countries exhibit that kind of political instability. 

But most of the developed world does not.


It would be bad for the economy.  Major business leaders frown on that.

So Political Parties do not rule.  They are ruled by business interests.  

Will Rogers said,

 "When I make a joke, 
you can laugh or not.  
But when Congress does it, it's a law!" 


  1. Politics is doing my head in at the moment! It's all happening over this side of the pond too. New UK Prime Minister announced - hmmm - Brexit - double hmmmm I've decided to switch off for a few days and just concentrate on my novel edits - got them back on Friday - that's just as scary as the political mayhem :):) Have a great week, Roland.

    1. Brexit is fraught with danger for everyone involved. I do not blame you for switching off it for a few days to concentrate on something you can actually do something about.

      You have a great week, too, while I head my newly-wed heroes into the chapter entitled, "Red Wedding." Yes, it is a homage chapter -- one that not all of my characters will make it out of.

  2. At my job, if I'd done that, I would be fired and in Federal prison. She needs to be tried.

    1. I know. But she will not be tried; she will wind up in prison. She may very well be our next president. The "fix" is in somehow behind the scenes. If you read the memoirs of historical figures, you will see that the real jockeying of important matters were kept from the general public. Sad really.

    2. I meant she will NOT wind up in prison. Keeping the law is demanded of the little guy not those with political clout. :-(

    3. Wondered about that?! Knew what you meant though .. but better clarified ... cheers H

  3. It's all about the mentality of those in power. It's how it all works.

  4. Wow, that's really interesting Roland, and it makes a lot of sense. I've often wondered why politicians of different parties end up doing the same damn thing.

    Now I know.

    1. Different tunes, same lyrics. Sigh. It is all about personal power with politicians. Sad.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bernie--I supported him all through and think it is relatively inevitable we will head that direction one way or another. This season has really disillusioned my about the Democratic Party, of which I've always been a part. They have been shifting center since Bill Clinton and the belief only center could win from the Reagan Republicans, and I've been waving my SOS flag from the left looking for a party. But make no mistake, the Tea Party has made the Republicans DAMN scary. Hillary and the DNC sit dead center (though thankfully Bernie pulled them a little left) but that is so much better than a party where the majority is falling off the right hand cliff and their presidential nominee is a narcissist who doesn't actually care (or know) about anything but himself... I was pleased with Hillary's speech after Bernie's endorsement yesterday. While I see her as saying what is politically expedient, I got the impression she finally believes she has a better chance adopting a stance farther left than competing with Trump for the center and disenfranchising the true left.

    1. I do not trust Hilary. Unlike Sanders who stayed consistent in his views and stands all his political life, Hilary has been all over the place. Like a twirling weather vane, she has changed according to the prevailing winds of popular opinion or to whatever audience she is addressing. Sadly, I believe the only person important to her is her.

      I distrust all politicians now.

    2. Sadly - you forgot Hillary's extra 'L' ... but I'm sure I can forgive you! H for Hilary

  6. Politics stink, no matter where it appears. So do most of the politicians. There have been so many 'oops, mea culpa' and pleading of ignorance by so many politicians, ruling governors, presidents and other titles that it's just tabloid news now. IMO, Hilary isn't any worse that any males that have been in office, shall I list the ways? Besides, the alternative is a belligerent, mocking, extremist apparition of a business man. Why would anyone vote in a 'business man' who loves seeing his name on his buildings? Running a business is NOT like running a country. You think it can't get worse? We shall see.

    1. Those who elected Hitler as Chancelor thought it couldn't get any worse, and look how that turned out!

  7. And DG too .. leaves the "L" out ...

    But I'm glad I can switch off from the American election (or mostly) - I've had it in spades ... all the lies, damned lies ... but they swing happily through the trees and usually avoid being hung out to dry ...

    Hope all is well Roland ... I'm vaguely around now ... take care - cheers Hilary

    1. I've been concerned about you, but knew you were probably without internet and couldn't email. I pray things are better. Perhaps it is an unconscious thing about denying Hillary that L! :-)