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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hart Johnson is launching her very own serial with a blogfest on how you and others think the world will end.
I personally think it will end for us like it did for the dinosaurs -- totally out of left field in a way we never suspected.
Have you thought of writing your own serial through Amazon?
Hart Johnson, ever entertaining in her posts, once wrote of what is being discussed as the




Have you heard of this series/book? ( a video from him)

It is post-apocalyptic, they are claiming 'the next Hunger Games'...

This guy wrote a novelette... didn't promote, but found sort of a cult following...
so in NaNoWriMo wrote MORE of them...
and Kristen Nelson approached him about foreign rights, movie rights...

He'd turned down other agents, but she was saying stuff he didn't think he could do on his own, so he signed with her.

Now he has a movie deal with Ridley Scott...
foreign rights up the gazoo, and Simon and Schuster has bought his PRINT rights while letting him keep his digital rights (dream, right?)

How to submit to Amazon

Submissions Guidelines

Amazon welcomes submissions to Amazon Publishing’s Kindle Serials program. They're looking for previously unpublished, well-written stories by authors interested in engaging with readers through the unique nature of serialized publishing.

How to submit in detail:
To submit to Kindle Serials, send an email to  with the following:

• A brief pitch of your story including why you think it works as a serialized book, the estimated total number of episodes, and the estimated total final word count.
• A minimum of two episodes in a Word or text document. We want each episode to be a length that provides a satisfactory read. The right episode length will vary from book to book, depending on what's right for the story. The complete book doesn’t need to be already written.
• A one-page synopsis of the complete book.
• A one-page biography.

The episodes are to be between 8,000 to 10,000 words long.  You have to send an episode every two weeks.  Could you write a polished 10,000 words every 2 weeks?

Are you up to being the serialized Charles Dickens or Alexandre Dumas?  I'm considering it with

       The Greyhound bus carrying 13 year old Victor Standish breaks down in rural New York.  The closest house is no refuge but a descent into madness.  Six years on the mean streets of too many cities have hardened Victor enough to burn the death-house down around the monster that would suck the marrow from his bones.

Smelling of burnt flesh and smoke, he escapes to wander the woods only to discover four men burying a bloody body in an unmarked grave.  Victor is just about to join that body in the still open grave when a 12 year old girl emerges from the shadows. 
She is dressed as an Egyptian princess with full black eyes and a lined face as if it had been recently unwrapped from tight linen wrappings.  She warns them that vermin from the Other Side are close … too close to do anything but flee back to the Carny her "father" owns: ODDMAN’S CARNIVAL.
To the carnies, Victor appears just another runaway sixteen year old.  He is only thirteen.  Not that they care either way.  They need another worker.  And Oddman’s exotic “daughter,” Princess Shert Nebti, needs … to eat.
What do you think?



  1. The teaser sounds good, but what does the daughter eat, I hate to ask?

    I will keep serials as an option, but the timing isn't right for me.

    If you've got the material, why not try whatever will work to get your stories out there.

  2. we all know how were going to die, baby... we are going to crash and burn. interesting "hop" and post... i am not sure i have time to finish, cause here the world is en......... beeeeeeeeeeep............. we lost the signal.

  3. About three years ago I highly considered doing a serial, but then life went crazy so that idea went out the window. I would still consider it, though, so the information is greatly appreciated. As for the end of the world, it will take place when we nuke the hell out of it to keep it from falling into extraterrestrial hands, but humanity will be scattered on various Goldilocks planets at that point, so what will it matter?

  4. Hope Hart enjoys success with her serial. Never thought of doing my own though.

  5. D.G.:
    As Oddman tells Victor, "My daughter eats souls."

    To which Victor snarks, "Oh, she's going for a calorie light diet, huh?"

    I'm like you: if I have the material why not have a go at it?

    I hope the timing one day is right for you. :-)

    Victor wants to end with Alice -- but not as a snack!

    I think we will the nuke the merde out of ourselves either by terrorist or national craziness.

    I hope you can find time and sanity to do a serial. :-)

    You just don't have the free time to do a serial!