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Friday, August 30, 2013

THE BEST HERO YOU NEVER HEARD OF is getting a movie!

No. Not Victor Standish sadly.

Although if you are one of the first 10 to review the audiobook, you may win this autographed photo of the COMPLETE CAST OF THE AVENGERS
plus that of STAN LEE, father of MARVEL!



Dennis Lehane will adapt Travis McGee for Fox and Appian Way, based on 1964′s The Deep Blue Good-By and 20 subsequent novels by John D. MacDonald.

Chernin Entertainment and Leonardo DiCaprio are producing

with the latter eyeing to star. The project previously had Paul Greengrass and Oliver Stone circling to direct.

Leonardo in no way looks like Travis McGee, but he usually crafts a performance that stays with you.

Travis McGee is different than most other "detectives" you encounter in mysteries and crime fiction.

 He is not a policeman or a licensed private investigator. Instead, he describes himself as a salvage consultant.

He recovers property that has been stolen, misappropriated or swindled from his clients. He charges a fee for this service. (Half of what he recovers minus the expenses off the top.)

Travis lives on a 52 foot houseboat named "The Busted Flush".

The name comes from a poker game in which Travis won the boat from an unfortunate millionaire who only had four of the requisite five cards and tried to bluff Travis.

The "Flush" is berthed at Slip F-18, Bahia Mar Marina, Fort Lauderdale. In 1987 a plaque was erected at the marina that memorialized the slip and its famous resident.

Travis calls himself a beach bum who takes his retirement in installments. He prefers to take on new cases only when the cash fund hidden in a hidey hole in the Flush gets low.

He also owns an old Rolls Royce that somebody long ago converted into a pick-up truck. The truck is painted a horrible blue by the guy who did the conversion.

Travis McGee calls this vehicle "Miss Agnes" after his grade school teacher who had hair the same color.


"I have one of those useful faces. Tanned American. Bright eyes and white teeth shining amid a broad brown reliable bony visage.

The proper folk-hero crinkle at the corners of the eyes, and the bashful appealing smile, when needed. I have been told that when I have been aroused in volent directions I can look like something from an unused corner of hell, but I wouldn't know about that.

 My mirror consistently reflects that folksy image of the young project engineer who flung the bridge across the river in spite of overwhelming odds, up to and including the poisoned arrow in his heroic shoulder."

"People who censor books are usually illiterate."

"I think there is some kind of divine order in the universe. Every leaf on every tree in the world is unique. As far as we can see, there are other galaxies, all slowly spinning, numerous as the leaves in the forest.

 In an infinite number of planets, there has to be an infinite number with life forms on them. Maybe this planet is one of the discarded mistakes. Maybe it's one of the victories.

We'll never know."

"I think the closest we can get to awareness is when we see one man, under stress, react in ... in a noble way, a selfless way."

 "The years from seventeen to twenty-three cover a long, long time of change and learning. She had crossed that boundary that separates children from people.

 Her eyes no longer dismissed me with the same glassy and patronizing indifference with which she might stare at a statue in a park. We were now both people, aware of the size of many traps, aware of the narrowing dimensions of choice."


  1. That movie sounds interesting. So does the Travis McGee character. I've never read anything by McDonald.

    Di Caprio is a talented actor, and I like his choice of projects.

  2. D.G.:
    I hope the movie gets made. You're right: Di Caprio makes excellent movies. John D MacDonald writes novels that draw you in. DARKER THAN AMBER has his best friend, Meyer, an economist and amateur psychologist in it. It would be a fine starting point for you. I love the audiobooks. :-)

    MacDonald was the first literary ecologist defender of Florida. And I envision what a cruise aboard THE BUSTED FLUSH might be like! :-)

  3. Never heard of the character. Could be good though.

  4. Alex:
    Like I said - Travis is the best hero you never heard of. But Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Lee Childs love him and John D. MacDonald. Has to be something there, right? :-)