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Tuesday, August 6, 2013



Monday, February 15, 2010

First Greetings

Hi, Everyone:

Roland here. I was born in the BC years. That's Before Computers. So if this blog is ragged, then I'm doing better than I thought I would.

I'm one of those most wretched of creatures: an unpublished author. But I have managed to earn a Bachelor's degree in English education and a Master's degree in Psychology. I can become published. It's just a matter of determination and the willingness to grow.

Of course talent would help. But which of us can assess our true worth? We just gird our loins and jump into the fray. Let others decide our performance as we duck and weave through the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune. And so that is what this blog is all about.

TUESDAY, August 6, 2013
A quarter million have read my posts.  Have they gone away with something of worth, of help, of inspiration?
I hope so.  I know I tried to be entertaining and educational. 
I also tried to find a way to promote myself without being offensive.
If we do not try to get others to read, listen, and then give honest reviews on our books, how will we fulfil our dreams?
On January 1st
I will draw for

the autograph of Tom Selleck as Quigley!

and for
the autographs of Anthony Hopkins, Chris Hemsworth, & Tom Hiddleston!
You have 4 months to listen and then to review Charlie James'
masterful narration.
The names will be drawn from those who review the
The odds are low.  The prizes high.
What are you waiting for?
for more fantastic prizes:


  1. that is awesome... for whatever reason your site keeps crashing my computer it happened yesterday and twice today. i turned off some add-ons, now i have control... all the best to you, your numbers and your great giveaways... i am so jealous...

  2. That number is impressive, Roland. So something is pulling people to your blog. I thought I had clicked on the wrong post when it said 2010! Good way to compare.

    Audio books may be the next big thing, but I was surprised at one I looked at that was what I considered expensive ($19-20). Price might prohibit some from purchasing - the very ones who prefer audio books - the seniors, the ones with eye problems that prevent reading, etc.

    For that price, I'd likely buy a hard copy or trade paperback instead, or an ebook which can be more reasonably priced. I understand what goes into the making of an audio book (associated production costs), but it's the bottom line price which make the decision in many cases.

    I know that price may not be in your control, but just pointing out that it could be factor.

  3. Jeremy:
    Were they my add-on's? And if so -- which ones? I want to be a good cyber-host. And I envy your cyber-abilities. :-)

    Friends like you and Elizabeth Craig who recommend a post on Twitter helps. Elizabeth pointed out my SEVEN DEADLY SINS post on Twitter yesterday and 171 people visited that one post!

    Thank you, Elizabeth!

    Sadly, the price is out of my hands. But many audiobooks are $10 which is inexpensive when you think of the voice actors.

    ACX has to pay the voice actor who has put 70 hours or more of editing and dramatic narrating so the actor/actress deserves recompense.

    BLOOD WILL TELL and THE LAST SHAMAN are both $6 so they, at least, are affordable.

    If you join Audible for the 30 free trial, you could any of my audiobooks for free and then cancel before the month was out and have to pay nothing.

    If you join Audible, you get one credit a month with which you can buy any of their books.

    I recently bought a fascinating university 60 lecture series on the history of Philosophy with my credit that goes for $40 with my credit. Sixty hours for free (actually my monthly fee is $14.95).

    With your membership that $20 audiobook might have only cost $16 -- still the price of a hardcover I know -- but you wouldn't have had to pay full price.

    If you already have the book in eBook format, the price is often slashed by half.

    Since I listen as I drive, I buy as many as 5 a month. Some I already have on my Kindle so they are half-off; some I buy at the member's discount; and one I get for free.

    I have given up cokes and candy bars to pay for my audio book habit. I save more than the $15 a month I spend and am healthier!

    But I know you're right: price is a factor -- which is why I am offering those autographs as an incentive for trying my audiobooks and writing a review of them.

    Thanks for caring enough to point this out for me and for being my friend.

  4. Very impressed by your readership numbers, Roland. If those readers are anything like me, then they have gleaned much knowledge from your chock-full blog. Keep up the good work and the good writing.

  5. Welcome, Wendy!!
    I've missed you. I hope you are feeling some better. How are things?

    My cyber-friends are impressive, not me. May only good things be ahead for you! :-)

  6. Congratulations! I know I've benefited from your words of wisdom these past couple years.

  7. Alex:
    Any benefit you received from this blog pales in comparison to the pluses I've received from yours!

    Basically, I'm not wise -- mostly otherwise! :-)

  8. I'm a small % of that 1/4 million reads, and enjoy popping over to see what'g going on.

    I will say that your blog takes a long time to load, and I refrain from visiting when I use my older computer.

    As far as the price of audiobooks being high, I can say that somehow my publisher, working with Amazon/Audible, has it set up with their whispersync program such that if someone purchases my Kindle version ($2.99), they can obtain a copy of my audiobook for $1.99). Normal retail price is $24.95. A lot of novels are set up this way, but not necessarily with such a deep discount.

    It might be something to look into if price remains a hurdle to potential audiobook listeners.

  9. As soon as my life slows down a bit, FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE is on my list to listen to. :))

    250,000 reads. Amazing.

  10. Terry:
    I hate that my blog takes a long time to load with your older computer. It's my World and Visitor counters I know. Sigh. I love my mountain eagle tallying my visitors by nation and my world slowly spinning showing where visitors are viewing. I am a big kid.

    If people buy the Kindle books of my audiobooks, the price goes down I am told.

    Thanks for enduring the long load time to visit! :-)

    Your life slow down? A new job, a new book, hubby, children, and that pesky thing called sleeping! I hope it manages to coast enough for you to listen to FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE!! :-)

  11. As one of your loyal readers, I can tell you it's been very educational and entertaining. Super cool that you have your masters in Psychology! Some day, I may have you sort the tangled mess that is my brain, lol. :)

  12. Thanks, Celeste!
    What a nice review Kristen Mack gave of your SEBASTIAN FALLS! I will have to sort out the tangles in my own frizzy thoughts before I can do well with others! :-)

    But my email is always open to my friends for quetions or just to vent!

  13. Put it this way, if I was forced to stop following every blog (and I follow many) bar one, yours would be the only one I would keep.

    *Applause* to you, Roland. Not in the least surprised at the outstanding number of visits to your blog.

    Keep beating that drum :)

  14. Wendy:
    What an extraordinarily nice thing to say! :-) It made my evening.

    I will keep beating that drum -- but you know what happens to old tom cat that insists on yowling!!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Dear Roland,
    I don't think I will ever post my very first blog post when I started blogging three years ago. Too embarrassing!

    I'm sure that you as well as your readers have learned a lot since you started your blog. I know I have. I am quicker for one thing.

    I've changed photo or rather I made the mistake of joining Google Friend Connect. I wish I could get my blogger Friend Connect back.
    I've changed the name of my blog too from 'Anna's Adornments' to 'Adornments for Dreams'.

    I'm looking for a job. I may end up as a personal assistant; that is someone who goes home to people who, for different reasons, need help.

    Keep you fingers crossed I get some kind of job.

    Best wishes,

    Hers's a direct link to my IWSG-post:
    Anna's ISWG for August: Dealing with Practical Problems

  17. Congratulations! That's a staggering number of people passing through your cyber door! Wow!!!!!

  18. Anna:
    We always learn by trial and error. I usually learn by error! Ouch! I always liked your Romantic Friday posts. :-)

    I wish you luck in obtaining and in doing your new job -- it sounds like a noble, worthwhile profession.

    Thanks. I am honored to have so many loyal cyber-friends!! :-)

  19. I know you've gotten me to listen. And I think with a quarter of the million views, I'm not the only one. :)

  20. J E:
    It means a lot to have my friends drop in, listen, and care enough to comment. Thanks. :-)

  21. not that you have ever heard this before... it's not you, it's me. my internet provider stinks and i think they are gearing up for a rate hike. so to prepare us for it, they slow down the current speed and make us want the upgrade.

  22. Love this post, Roland. What a glorious achievement and well-deserved. Your posts are always original and brimming with sound advice. For me, what makes your blog so special is that you not only share your wisdom and and the sometimes hard lessons you've learned in your writing journey, but you offer your blog as a platform for a free and respectful exchange of ideas—a safe haven. I have written things in comments here that I would never repeat elsewhere for fear of backlash.

    A toast to you, my friend! Now, on to the second quarter million. :)

    VR Barkowski

  23. VR:
    I'm so happy you love this post. You are a special friend -- the very first cyber friend I made in the blogverse!

    I try to helpful and add a funny or original twist to things.

    I love free, respectful, and open exchanges of ideas! My cyber home is safe for my friends to let down their hair and vent.

    A toast back to you, VR! When you left your other blog, it near broke my heart. I am a softie, and I had lost my first friend here!