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Monday, August 12, 2013


Sometimes I feel like Schrödinger's cat.
The scenario presents a cat that may be both alive and dead, depending on an earlier random event.
In the course of developing this experiment, Schrödinger coined the term Verschränkung (entanglement).
And Entanglement
is now what I find myself mired in.
VR Barkowski (I've never asked if she were related to CHUCK)
She wrote:
"What I really want to talk about is the devaluing of reviews, whether as a result of abuse—
faking or buying feedback and cronyism being the three most obvious examples—
or because the average reader is so weary of being solicited for reviews,
he or she simply doesn’t bother with them anymore."
I still read reviews by the way --
I can tell when a review is inked with venom or with false praise. It is a bit like hearing an answer from a Beauty contestant versus listening to the honest reflection of a friend when asked about a movie.  You may not be able to tell how you know.
But you know. 

Jessica Bell recently blogged on Should Authors Post Negative Reviews.
"I've decided to avoid posting negative reviews.
Not only because of the possible consequences,
but because I really don't believe in putting another author down
no matter how bad I think their work is.
It's just NOT NICE.
And as an author, I think you should be able to put yourself in another author's shoes,
and understand how horrible it feels."
So where does that leave me when I have


as prizes for writing honest reviews for my
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{A music video worthy of McCord's
eerie walk through the Kol Basar}


  1. I agreed with Jessica, which is why I only review books I enjoyed.
    And you can tell the ones with fake praise a mile away.

  2. Alex:
    You can, can't you? I have so little free time that I do not get to read or review as I would like. Sigh.

  3. i enjoy you Roland your works are fascinating, period... my reviews come off to fake-ish... or feel forced and if i could just say awesome... that i don't read a lot and when i do it's cause it intrigues me.

  4. Jeremy:
    Thanks for the compliment! Coming from you it means a lot. :-)

  5. okay, i am proud to say i did it... i wrote my review... weeks in the making and i think i said it correct, not coming off as a goon. or even a slap-happy making walking hand in hand with death!

  6. Jeremy:
    Thanks! Which book or audiobook did you review?

  7. So many books to review! And I'd spend a whole lot of time reading and reviewing and nothing else. I know, I did that for a while and found I could not keep up with all the publishings from everyone. I'm envious of writers that can publish prolifically. It takes me way too long to even write edit and submit a 3000 word short story.

    I've read and reviewed several of your book, though it was way before many of these audio book contests. Writing a decent review is a lot of work. As Jeremy says, you can't just say "awesome" and leave it at that, and the twenty word limit doesn't sound like a lot, but it doesn't say much about the book/audio either.

    I hope you give away all your prizes for great reviews Roland. Its cool that you are also publishing all your works in audio format too. Gotta branch out to new markets. That can be risky and scary both. You're a brave man!


  8. Donna:
    It's taking me awhile to do my next Victor novel, MORE THAN A NAME. I guess I did half of CARNIVAL OF THE DAMNED, and I realized that many people were lost with 4 Victor novels out already and not wanting to pick up a series so far advanced -- so here I am trying to write a stand-alone Victor novel.

    Nothing wrong with being careful with your editing. Fast isn't always good!

    I appreciated all the reviews you wrote on my novels!

    Audiobooks is the new trend. In fact, if your book is not in audio, many readers believe your novel does not have merit. Odd world, right?

    Wish me luck on my audiobooks and their contests! Thanks for visiting and chatting. It means a lot!

  9. If I can say nothing but bad things about a book, I don't publish the review, especially if I know the author is reading my blog. We all make a book as good as we can and I believe that really hateful reviews can hold someone back in their progress. Constructive reviews that mention both the good and the bad are the best ones in my opinion.