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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Sometimes I really do think critics lately have an agenda to see "Tent-Pole" movies crash and try to help them along to do just that.

Take Scott Mendelson:

And Scott's negative twist to the new THOR 2 trailer:

"What is interesting is that this 150-second trailer is basically just an extended version of last April’s 106-second teaser.

We get pretty much the same exposition, many of the same money shots, and much of the same plot beats. On one hand, it’s nice that Marvel isn’t giving away more story and more visual highlights.

On the other hand, it both makes one wonder if there isn’t that much more to show while also making this second trailer completely redundant."

He then goes on to undermine the movie in snide, sly, suggestive ways as if trying to cool off interest in the movie.

Did he watch the trailer you and I just did?  If so, then he definitely has an agenda.

Isn’t It Time To Take ‘Waterworld’ Off The All-Time Flop List?
George Cloony points out that if you look at the numbers and not the critics' hype, WATERWORLD isn't close to being a flop it has been branded to be.

 Clooney said that he felt both After Earth (a $130 million budget film that has grossed $242 million worldwide)

and White House Down (a $150 million budget film that grossed $117 million worldwide) would not end up as precedent-setting losers when all the money is counted down the line.

Arnie Hammer (THE LONE RANGER) told reporters in the UK:

"If you go back and read a lot of the negative reviews, most of them don't actually have anything to do with the content of the movie but more what's behind it. "

Even Scott Mendelson balked when critics called THE WOLVERINE a flop:

"Did you hear the news? Apparently The Wolverine, which opened with $53 million the other weekend, is a flop!

Oh, don’t take my word on it, check out these various pundits which call it

 a “disappointment“,


disappointing“, and

the latest blockbuster to flop“.

Never mind that the film had the eighth-biggest opening of the summer

and that, at a cost of just $120 million, has already grossed its production budget back and then some ($140 million) worldwide in three days!"

What do you think? 

Was that THOR 2 trailer that bad? 

Are critics just mean-spirited lately or what?


  1. This is why I pay very little attention to reviews - for books, music or movies. I only list to the comments if it is someone I trust to tell me about the story or graphics, and if its someone I know that likes what I do, usually, without an agenda.

    All these movies look interesting to me.


  2. Donna:
    I truly enjoyed THE LONE RANGER and THE WOLVERINE for what they were. THOR 2 looks to be lovely to look at and fun to watch -- what more could you ask of a movie?

    Like you, I listen to friends ... but in the end, I know that I often like films others do not -- so I go with my instincts. I loved JOHN CARTER last summer ... and BATTLESHIP, too, come to think of it! :-)

  3. It's easy to criticize from the sidelines, and most critics aren't objective.

    I don't read the critics' reviews.
    Did they forget the objective of a movie is to entertain? Perhaps they have a problem with all the comic book hero films we've had. What a lot of dullards.

  4. D.G:
    I used to read the reviews and believe bits of them. I still read them, not believing much of what I read.

    I believe critics often get sold on themselves and feel as if they have to give the readers background they little know or get correct!

    Like you, I feel a movie's purpose is to entertain and make me I haven't wasted my money! Critics are dullards. :-) Love that word.

  5. I'm sure there can be some meanspiritedness, but to me a movie can be a flop even if it makes tons of money, as long as it really is disappointing in how good it is. I've watched movies that I really hoped would be great and they were terrible, but they made lots of money. To me, that is a flop.

  6. I don't care much for film reviews and reviewers. i can think by myself and I do have opinions. If I like a trailer I watch the movie. It's that easy.

    btw, the trailer looks amazing and it's more than enough to tempt me see it.

  7. i have one word "waterworld" it was an adventure... it wasn't about anything other than surviving and survive the best you can. i really enjoyed it. critics are "ass-monkeys" most of them, they think if they create a stir in the media we give them attention. everyone one of those people want to be like those two "thumbs up" critics that got their own show attached with that fame.

    the blog world hurts these jack-nuts, because we all have an opinion... some good some bad... so how do you stand out, not only by ripping apart a trailer... a trailer really, now we have trailer critics. i think the thor film looks wonderful, though i am a fan of this kind of movie.

    go with your gut, critics are paid to hate stuff. if they actually like something... yup you are right, paid.

    if they could just say what is being released and enjoy the fact that they have a paying job to watch films and review stuff.

    stop trying to be your own "tmz" and start reporting not reviewing or destroying...

    george cloony is right on the future of film... his last several were great, though his newest [bigger budget] film looks really bad... see i am my own ass monkey...

    Jeremy H.

    New Look, New Name and Same Stuff...

  8. I never listen to critiques when it comes to what I watch or read. I'm not even a fan of the Oscars because half the time (maybe even more than that) the movies nominated are critics' choice and not people's choice. I haven't seen Lone Ranger, but I'm sure anyone who enjoyed the TV series will enjoy the movie for what it was. I thoroughly enjoyed Wolverine, and I'm looking forward to Thor 2. I liked the trailer, btw.

  9. I don't come across professional movie reviews. I don't read or watch much of the news. I know when I badly want to see a movie. Also, I'd rather listen to someone I know and word of mouth than a "pro". I've adored some of the so-called flops.

  10. Ted:
    You're right: I've seen many Hits that were flops in entertaining me!

    I'm afraid that GRAVITY will be a flop for me with George Clooney. Everyone hits a dud once in awhile.

    You're right: just go with your instincts with movies no matter what the critics say!

    Wasn't that trailer cool? :-) Like you, I listen to me over the critics.

    I've adored probably all the flops you have! :-)

  11. I don't listen to critics/reviewers either. I can work it out for myself thanks very much.

    Very soon people will want to know how to think without having to exercise their brains. Give me strength ... is all I can say.

    Oh, and the clip looks great!

  12. Reviewers often have an agenda.

    They bring their New York liberal bias to try to destroy, censor, or impose their view of political correctness. Give me a good violent movie where the bad guy gets killed, and I'm happy.

  13. I don't think it's mean-spirited as much as it is genre snobbery. All the movies you mentioned are action movies, which are easy to pick on because they're high-concept.

    And Thor 2 is going to be awesome.

  14. Wendy:
    It's like political commentators telling me what was said seconds after a speech or a debate. Hey, I have ears AND a brain -- I can come to my own conclusions, thank you very much!

    Doesn't the trailer look great?

    I am beginning to think the critics are all snooty and inflexible liberals, unwilling to give the other side of thinking a break!

    We must have movies where there are no villains -- just misunderstood children who grew up to rape, torture, and vent their childhood traumas on innocent victims! Manson just needed to be hugged more as a child is all.

    J E:
    You may be right: I can't remember the last comedy that won the Oscar for BEST PICTURE!

    I agree with you: THOR 2 will indeed be awesome!