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Wednesday, August 14, 2013



DONNA HOLE once wrote a staggering, humbling, in-depth look at my linked worlds with their multiple heroes, many villains,

with one supernatural Hannibal Lector in the shadows, pulling strings and haunted by his own inner turmoil.

I cannot imagine the time, effort, and craft it took her to do that post. Just for the wonder of reading her own prose, go there.

I early on decided to gamble with my novels, 

to try something truly unique:

to set my heroes in a supernatural World War that spans centuries and continents.

WORLD WAR II was not won by a single hero

but by many valiant warriors, sacrificing much for the greater good.

No one campaign won that war but several epic, sweeping ones.


My novels have multiple heroes, each driven by inner demons, overcoming them to defend those who cannot defend themselves -- 

for no one was there to defend them or their loved ones in the painful past.

Fallen, the last fae. 

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Blake Adamson, clone of The Nazarene.
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Hibbs, the bear with two shadows.Product Details

Samuel McCord, undead Texas Ranger. Father Renfield, the vampire priest.
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Victor Standish, son of the Angel of Death. Alice Wentworth, the Victorian ghoul.
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Wolf Howl and Toomey Starks
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They each fight separate battles against DayStar and his puppets.

Slowly, I brought them all together to fight in one last blazing climax with all reality in the balance ...

I patiently built up to it as Marvel slowly built up to their epic, THE AVENGERS.


Join the good fight ... where "impossible" only gives birth to legends ...

where in the end, each of us must face the Darkness

in that last great battle which awaits each soul.

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General, your tank
is a powerful vehicle
it smashes down forests
& crushes a hundred men.
but it has one defect:
it needs a driver.
General, your bomber is powerful
it flies faster than a storm
& carries more than an elephant.
but it has one defect:
it needs a mechanic.
General, man is very useful.
He can fly & he can kill.
but he has one defect:
He can think.
—“General, Your Tank is a Powerful Vehicle,” by Bertolt Brecht, who died on this day in 1956


  1. Your work is forever joining, you share the ideas that clash between light and dark. Giving us a vision that can be as simple as having a cup of coffee with a dead person. Deep as walking hand in hand into the distance with the maker, who ever that shall be.

    I would like to discuss a book idea that is bigger and greater that I came up with years ago... I could never write, maybe you could. My friends still ask when will I write it, it's been 15 years in the making... interested?

  2. Jeremy:
    Of course I will discuss it with you ... but I think you discount your own abilities. Let's get our heads together to see how you do your own idea proud. I would be happy to "prime the pump" as it were with the first chapter or so.

    Thanks for such nice words about my novels. :-)

    I am back on the roads as a blood courier again -- back in the saddle again!!

  3. Donna did you proud! I went to the link to read it, (I may have seen it originally), but yes, she did a fantastic job.

    Lucky you to have so many who do appreciate your work. That's something to build on. Writing for twenty years - that's a lot of stories!

  4. D.G.:
    Donna did, didn't she? I had to compliment her again for all that work. Sad to say, most of my stories of those 20 years burned up when my home did. Sigh. :-(

  5. I love the idea of bringing all those disparate characters together!
    I sort of - half on purpose - try to do that with my stories; even though they're set in different time periods, the characters are all related/in the same endless family tree.

  6. You've created an interlinking world similar to the one Lovecraft created. That's not an easy task!

  7. Wow, such crafting such a grand universe is no easy task. It's a lot more impressive than even The Avengers. They had decades of source material to draw on.

    Amazing job, Roland. Just amazing.

  8. I think you should somehow put it all together like a Tolkien book. You know, cause you have so much time and all...

    I love that they connect and interlink. Makes it more real and we get to see the characters interact with each other in different ways and situations. We get to know them on deeper levels.

    Sorry I've been absent. Busy, exhausting week. I hope by tomorrow, I'll be back to a more normal routine. But....we're shorter staffed now, so who knows!

    Be safe out there!

  9. Words Crafter:
    LOL. Yes, so much time and all! :-)

    There are still gaps in the novels since it is such a large storyline.

    There is actually a reason that no one mentions or remembers Victor in FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE and CREOLE KNIGHTS. Victor and Alice took themselves out of time to rescue Sam and Victor's mother from Hell (as is depicted from Sam's perspective in the end of CREOLE KNIGHTS -- soon to be an audiobook)

    I miss you when you don't show up, but I, of all people, know about short staffs and long hours!!