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Thursday, May 26, 2011



My good friend, Donna Hole, has done an entire post reviewing my historical fantasy, RITES OF PASSAGE :

Go visit and tell her what a great friend she is for doing this, will you?


There is a fascinating article on Flavorwire :

Director Steven Soderbergh's believes that 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' is way better without color. When he wasn’t busy filming Haywire or talking about retiring, the director spent the last year watching some very good films and reading copious amounts of books/plays/short stories.

A couple fascinating take-aways from the list:

Soderbergh saw The Social Network 4 times before it hit theaters and watched Raiders of the Lost Ark in black and white 3 times in 6 days.

3D is the current craze, but could color in films have robbed us of certain films' beauty and mystery? What do you think?



  1. I wouldn't say black and white is better, but different. There's a different art to it that we rarely appreciate anymore. Same with color. Same with silent movies. They're all just a bit different. :)

  2. Bethany :
    You may have a point. Seeing the familiar RAIDERS in black and white highlights the scenes in a new light, making them seem fresh. Although I think seeing CASABLANCA in color would cheapen it for me somehow. Am I odd, or what? Roland

  3. Great post! Love it.
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  4. Never have I seen a movie in 3D, whats it like? I have however been a fan of black and white movies forever and Casablanca is one of my favorites. Making Raiders in BW is an interesting idea. You know I think in this instance it would really work. Not all movies would benefit from changing to this medium or vice verse.

  5. I love the 1940's black and white films and I wonder if you may have to be better to film in B & W, a better director, cinematographer, actor even. I think the flaws will show more with no color to distract you.--Inger

  6. I spent the first five years of my life watching black and white tv. My first color cartoon clenched it for me. I have to opt for color. I'll tell you what I do find fascinating in black and white though, photography. A black and white photo is lovely, full of depth, and better still if you add a hint of color (maybe the eyes, or the lips) Wizard of Oz was better in least in my opinion...^-^...

  7. Laila : I have to agree with you : color in cartoons is the way to go. But as B & W photography has an elegance all its own, so do certain black and white films. But THE WIZARD OF OZ and GONE WITH THE WIND are made for color!

    Canyon Girl :
    CITIZEN KANE is stunning in its use of angles, lighting, and black and white imagery. Color would detract from its impact. I believe you are right : there is an art to filming without color.

    Siv :
    You and I agree : CASABLANCA is a classic -- both in cinematography and script. As for 3D : most movies filmed in it seem not to know how to utilize it. AVATAR was the only film in 3D that was stunning and didn't hurt my eyes.

    Margo :
    Thanks for liking my post, and even more thanks for the award -- I'm going there now, Roland

  8. Black and white is my favorite. Think all the "old" (classic) movies. They're the greatest.

    The other night, through Netflix, my daughter and I watched Sabotage, the classic black and white 1936 movie by Alfred Hitchcock. Black and white heightens everything: the emotions reflected on the characters' faces. The tension as the plot unfolds. Color distracts. It robs us of the stark beauty, and especially the mystery. I can't imagine Sabotage in color, just as I can't stand to watch the classics, such as The Philadelphia Story, that Hollywood has colorized.

    Re: your comment just now on my post. I would love to see how you look in reading glasses. I'm certain they make you look sophisticated. Not sure they do this for me!

    My memoir is so different from your stories, so I'll be interested in your response. In each case, we have to put ourselves in a different world from the one we know and, in your case, the ones you inhabit through your incredible poetic imagination.

    I still have Rites of Passage to finish. I haven't stopped reading it because I want to. It's this marketing that's interrupting my life right now. But I'm getting better organized so I can read for several hours at least each day. I'm going to start it again, today! I want to write another review for you.

    I'm now heading over to Donna Hole's place. Cheers!


  9. Ann :
    I tried to watch a colorized version of CASABLANCA. I couldn't make it more than 10 minutes. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

    I read a good many autobiographies. Mark Twain. Gore Vidal. Michael Caine. Women adventurers : Anita Loos, African explorers, pioneer nurses in British wars. So I am sure I will love your memoirs. The trouble, as with you, is finding the time to read! LOL. Speaking of which, I should be getting ready for work!! Roland

  10. Will go to Donna's.

    What an interesting idea--if a movie has been lit beautifully it should translate to black and white well. I really like watching black and white. I'm a huge fan of Indiana Jones... I bet I'd like it uncolored. (=

  11. Jo :
    I know I enjoyed this segment of it in black and white that I watched! Roland

  12. This is incredibly rich in black and white. That would be interesting if Spielberg/Lucas were to release it in black and white.
    I just watch trailer on

  13. Thanks, Johny :
    It would be neat if Lucas/Spielberg did release it in black and white, wouldn't it?