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Saturday, May 14, 2011


As sailors read the skies and gamblers sense the winning cards,

so does Samuel McCord sense the encroaching darkness creeping closer to his beloved city, New Orleans.

In the French Quarter, the last thing the setting sun sees is the transformation of St. Peter Street to the cursed Rue La Mort.

At the corner where it clashes with Royal Street, the jazz club, Meilori's, shimmers into being for all the children of the night to behold.

It is the Crossroads of Worlds. Within lies hallways leading to realms long thought legendary.

Outside the club stands a being from beyond Time itself, waiting for his chance to extinguish all light, wrapping comforting darkness around himself like a womb once more.

Meilori's owner, the man with the blood of Death in his veins, is the gatekeeper there along with his best friend,

Father Renfield, a vampire priest. During the month following Hurricane Katrina, the shadowlanders that McCord and Renfield have kept restrained are unleashed.

And the being from outside Time knows his chance has come at long last.

The artistic Wendy Tyler Ryan has once again crafted a stirring, evocative book trailer. Isn't it awesome? Let her know by email or comment here how you feel about her fantastic work.

Steve Z, the creative wizard behind STEVE Z PHOTOGRAPHY :

took the stunning photograph that is the cover to CREOLE KNIGHTS, headlines this post, and graces my book trailer. Drop in to his blog and take a look. You'll be pleased that you did.

Last of all, wander over to Amazon, courtesy of my links in the sidebar to your right, and pick up FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE. If you enjoy the modern adventures of the cursed Texican, Samuel McCord, read its sequel, CREOLE KNIGHTS.

You won't be disappointed, Roland



  1. "The blood of Death in his veins" wow, that gave me chills, In a very good way! You never cease to delight me!

  2. Hi,

    I came looking for your TRA Blogfest entry, but what the hell: I enjoyed what I found! ;


  3. I love all three book trailers and so impressed with you Roland. My daughter has started a service and will be doing mine. Money is tight, so a little at a time for me.

    Your writing is excellent. I am helping a couple self pubbed authors right now and they should have waited, gone through critique and an editor. Those of us who did do it right should become better read I think, I hope.
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium

  4. Heather :
    Your words made my day. Thank you. May both our publication dreams come true very soon.

    Francine :
    I'm glad you liked what you found. Luke and Victoria's star-crossed love excerpt is below this post. And I am not surprised you like RITES OF PASSAGE a bit more. It is a fantasy Titanic! :)

    Nancy :
    Didn't Wendy do a great job? The last trailer is of her own book, FIRE'S DAUGHTER. She is just as good a writer as she is a creator of book trailers.

    Thanks for the kind words about my writing. You are a talent yourself. I pray that both our dreams for publication come true very soon. Roland

  5. Flying High In The Sky :
    Thanks so much for liking my trailers and teasers for my two new novels. Now, if I can just get an agent to like them that much!! LOL. Roland

  6. Dude!!!!!!! What have you been doing in my absence?!!!!

    You need to send me a list of all the ebooks you've now published and next week I will put up a post. I'm down to posting once a week (unless I cheat) and writing when I can. The prednisone is keeping me from sleep, which is nerve-wracking, but I caught up a little bit today.

    Grats big time on all the books releases. Are you doing any publicity? Are people putting the word out?

    Sigh....I gotta find some time to read. Anyhoo, if you get a second, stop by. I have something for you....

    Get some rest!

  7. I don' know how you manage to do so much wonderful work so fast :)

  8. WordsCrafter :
    I have done little publicity except for my contest for writing reviews for my books, ending August 31st -- the prizes being books autographed by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Laurell K. Hamilton.

    But the response so far been anemic. I thought a Stephen King autograph would engender more interest.

    I sent you a list of all my Kindle books. LET THE WIND BLOW THROUGH YOU and BLOOD WILL TELL have both been submitted to Amazon to be considered being designated Kindle Singles. The more people ordering those two will help Amazon to consider saying YES. At 99 cents, I hope a few of my friends will order, consider it voting for me getting into the rarified ranks of Amazon Kindle Singles.

    Siv :
    Thanks for the praise. Many of those books have been in the process of being written, edited, and polished at the same time. I have the mind-bruising habit of writing several books at the same time. OUCH! It is gruelling some times, but others it helps me when the spark has left one book to go to another.

  9. Wendy did an excellent job on the trailers. They are expressive.

    I saw her book trailer on her blog earlier. Looks interesting. And I enjoyed seeing how her cover was developed.

    Wow, looks like you're publishing them all at once? Good luck with the sales and promotions.


  10. Book trailers are awesome.

    I love everything you write. I've just got to take a few days and do catch up on the reading--yours and so many others. I may take a blogger break for a week. Only, my book's supposed to release Tuesday. There aren't enough hours in a day.

    Thanks for your comment today on my blog re: WordPress. I hear what you say. I'm not going to give up Blogger, I've decided. But I think I will do WordPress too for other ideas I have for I think a different audience that also might interest some of my Blogger followers. Search engines pick up more WP blogs than Blogger blogs, I just discovered. So this would be good for book promotion. Maybe on the WordPress blog I can plug my Blogger friends' books. Just a thought that occurred to me. Only trouble: I only understand the bare basics of WP, so I'll have to see how this plays out.

    Thanks for listening--and responding. On my post or by email--I love hearing from you either way!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  11. Ann :
    I wish you the best on the sales of your book. You have one customer with me. As for WordPress, you do what your instincts tell you. They are seldom wrong, Roland