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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Some good news ...

I received this email this afternoon :

Hi Roland,

We are very pleased to inform you that your story "It Just Seemed the Thing to Do"

has been accepted for the Stories for Sendai anthology!

The charity anthology will be released on June 30th.

In the meantime, it would be great if you could help spread the word;

remember, the more copies we sell, the more we can help Japan!

Thank you once again for your contribution!

J.C. Martin

Think about the hurting in Japan when June 30th comes around. Roland



  1. Congratulations, Roland.

    Truly fantastic cause.

  2. Thanks, Wendy :
    I miss hearing from you. I hope it is a beautiful New Zealand day for you. Me? Wheee! I'm heading out for a pizza. LOL. Roland

  3. That is so awesome. Congratulations!!

  4. Thanks for posting this Roland, and your story definitely deserved inclusion. for everyone else, they'll have to wait to get the anthology to find out why! And thanks for posting that statue--I was wondering what it looked like! :)

  5. How beautiful! Thanks for letting us know Roland. What a wonderful thing for you to be part of.


  6. Congratulations and such a worthy cause !

  7. Lady Gwen :
    Thanks for feeling good for me.

    J.C. :
    I thought you might be curious what that statue actually looked like. Thank you again for including me in such a noble, grand crusade to help the hurting, Roland

    Jai :
    I do feel honored to be a part of it, Jai. Thanks for caring enough to comment and wish me well, Roland

  8. Catherine :
    I feel like one of the first members of the Peace Corps, going and helping where it is needed. Thanks for understanding, Roland

  9. Congratulations Roland. You are always there to help. I can't wait till June 30th.

    Pamela Jo

  10. Pamela Jo :
    Thank you. Mother taught me that a Lakota could not call himself a man and not be there to help when he could. I can't wait for June 30th to see what the anthology looks like, too!

  11. It sounds like a wonderful cause, so glad you got in and are helping to support it. And thank you for the Kindle coupon for your story! I'm looking forward to reading it!

  12. KarenG :
    I hope I gave you a smile with an unexpected good surprise from Blogger for a change! And I am so glad I got in to help when the need is so great. Roland

  13. Congratulations Roland ...

    What a wonderful story for such a wonderful cause. I am so proud of you and your amazing writing. You will touch so many with your hauntingly beautiful story.


  14. Michael :
    I thought you might remember the story. Thanks for the congrats. I am honored to be allowed to join such a worthy cause. Have a beautiful weekend, Roland

  15. It was a great story. I pleased it will be published in this anthology. Congrats to you, and to JC for the tremendous effort.


  16. Donna :
    Thanks for wishing me luck. Rats. My refrigerator is making squeals after my air conditioner breaking down. Help!! Roland

  17. Thanks, Judy :
    It's the wee hours of the dark night here. It must be bright daylight in South Africa. I'm glad I checked before turning in. Thanks for being happy for me, Roland

  18. Hi Roland .. congratulations - that's wonderful news and now I wonder how the statue features .. but the cherry blossom is gorgeous, though whether that lightened any hearts this year is questionable - it's being a horrendous time for so many, but particularly northern Japan.

    Hope you enjoyed your pizza and your sleep .. cheers Hilary

  19. Hilary :
    I enjoyed my pizza and the movie V FOR VENDETTA. The sleep is yet to come, but soon. I am like a little boy. When I'm up, I don't want to go to sleep. When I'm asleep, I don't want to get up! LOL.

    It has been a horrendous year for Japan. I hope the proceeds from this anthology helps in some small way. The staute figures in the ending of my story.

  20. Ongrats on your contribution to a great cause!

  21. Congrats! We're really happy to have you in the anthology. Now, I must be off to go format that thing. :)

  22. Congratulations Roland!
    I will watch for that anthology!

  23. Roland, I just finished a Kindle book buying spree! The pool is almost warm enough, Rod blew up the loungers, and after my eye surgery on June 16th, I will be ready to read without holding my Kindle 6 inches from my face. On the 30th I'll be buying the anthology as well.

    I have a new post out. Check it out!!

  24. Hi Roland,
    That is fantastic!!
    Not just the fact that your story has been accepted (Yay!), but that it is for a good cause.
    I will write a post on my blog, so it might help a little bit to spread the word.
    Well done.
    A big hug,

  25. Yay! Congratulations! It's always nice to have a story accepted in an anthology, but it means so much more when the anthology is for a wonderful cause.

    I can't wait to get a copy and read your story. By the way, my story was accepted too. It'll be nice to be in an anthology together. :)

  26. Thanks, Siv.

    Michelle :
    I wish you luck with that formatting! Formatting is a nightmare for me. And thanks for accepting my story. Now, here's to high sales for a great cause.

    The Desert Rocks :
    Thanks for the support. May your Sunday be all you wish it to be.

    Thanks for the support, Andy.

    Judie :
    I will pray for your surgery's success on June 16th. And thanks for the support in buying the anthology. Japan needs all the help she can get. I hope one of my books got on your Kindle list. I'm off to your post after this, Roland

    Noemi :
    Thanks for the cyber hug and for writing a post about STORIES FOR SENDAI. You're a treasure, Roland

    Cherie :
    It will be nice to be in an anthology together! But even better that is for such a great cause. I can't wait to read your story, too, Roland

  27. Actually, I bought two of your books! And I intend to buy more!!

    I responded on my post to your thoughtful comment. Thank you.

  28. Judie :
    Thank you for the purchases. If you bought FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE, you might fast forward to the chapter, EXECUTIVE DISORDER, where Samuel McCord has invaded the bedroom of George and Laura Bush the night after Katrina. I had fun writing it -- the only pity being that it didn't actually happen. Roland

  29. Congratulations, Roland (and JC).

    And I saw your comment over on Michael's blog about losing followers - it's been happening to us lately, too. Maybe some blogs are no longer active and are getting deleted??

  30. Thanks Erica and Christy :
    I think Blogger is just having issues lately. I may have to send Sam McCord to visit them! LOL. Roland

  31. Great news for your story for a worthy cause!

  32. Many deserved congratulations, Roland. The anthology is for such a wonderful cause too. Many more people will get to read your sumptious work and that is a GOOD thing.