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Sunday, May 1, 2011


There are many mysteries in the French Quarter.

There is even a street called Mystery but that is a 20 minute bus ride from there in an area called Mid-City.

If you are feeling brave and adventurous, you may choose to stay in the French Quarter's Mystery Hotel. 4 stars even. You know you want to.

The French Quarter, also known as Vieux Carre {Old Square in French,} has long murmured a siren call to extreme personalities --

one such was the Sultan, whose famous ghost is said to haunt the halls of the 4 story house on 716 Dauphine Street. In the latter 1800's, he rented the house from the Le Prete family.

A dark day for everyone involved. The Sultan, a cruel and dangerous man, was not above kidnapping women off the streets, torturing them into submission, and then adding them to his harem.

One mysterious day, the Sultan met his fate in an ironic, cruel and hideous fashion. A neighbor strolling by his house stiffened in horror. She saw tiny rivers of blood trinkling from beneath the front door.

When the authorities broke down the door, they found a scene from a nightmare. Body parts and blood were everywhere. Every member of the household had been horribly murdered. Only the Sultan was missing. Where was he?

They discovered his body in the backyard in a shallow grave.

He had been buried alive.

The murderers were never discovered. It remains one of the city's most haunting, intriguing mysteries.

In NEW ORLEANS ARABESQUE, the second novel to follow FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE, Captain Samuel McCord finally solves the mystery, nearly at the cost of his own life.

But it is not too surprising that McCord solved the mystery.

His own jazz club is itself a mystery.

By day, the corner of Royal and St. Peter houses the Royal Cafe. At dusk, the corner transforms into Royal and Rue La Mort.

And the haunted MEILORI'S beckons to all who pass. The fortunate keep on passing. Those unwise or ignorant enter its glittering doors.

Some step out hours or days later. Many more do not. Does McCord possess the club, or is he possessed by it? Another unsolved mystery.

Despite my ghost stories, I hope all of you have a healing Sunday. The following song is the one most often requested by Samuel McCord when Diana Krall performs at Meilori's.


  1. Your stories are cool.

    Sultry song. I like songs in this key--I performed a song at a seminar yesterday with two of my friends and I always get the alto and tenor parts. (=

  2. Thanks, Jo.
    No matter you key, unlock your voice with all your heart! Thanks for the encouragement. Roland

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I've seen this building when I went to New Orleans/French Quarter. I didn't know it was haunted. This is cool.

  4. All of the French Quarter is haunted in some way or other. Its going from French to Spanish to American has given it so much in history and stories. There is so much that is cool about the French Quarter despite the weather!! LOL.

  5. I love, New Orleans and hope the old musicians will someday return....

  6. TheDesertRocks :
    I love New Orleans as well and much of the old magic and music has returned. Though much is taken, much still remains. As with Tennyson's last line to ULYSSES, New Orleans' motto could be "to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield."

  7. I love to read such mysterious stories attached to haunted places and buildings. The night shot of the building enhances the mystery!

    Thanks Roland, for leaving such a lovely comment on my blog. When I expressed something in these lines I've been told that am a day dreamer! Now, I can show that its not only me who fancies these kinda stuff:)

  8. VaishVijay :
    Yes, I think both of us are daydreamers. But that is not such bad a fate, right?

    That particular legend also comes into play in my YA urban fantasy, THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH.

    There are so many such stories and legends told in hushed whispers.

    I'm glad you liked my comment. Seeing your avatar, then your beautiful sky photos, made me think of seeing those scenes upon the back of winged Pegasus.

    Have a lovely week -- you have a beautiful blog, Roland

  9. love readin your NOLA stories. The MS I have on sub is set there--we should share fictional locales~ :o)