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Sunday, May 8, 2011


It's Mother's Day. My own mother's spirit has long since traveled to that Land which knows no shadow.

I know she waits for me there with Sooner, the wolf-dog that once roamed the hills with Mother when she was a young girl.

I've written of their love, Sooner's long, loving devotion, and the tragic reunion between Mother and Sooner.

I choose to conjure, not the ending, but seeing them both young and happy, racing along the hills of their childhood.

I'm heading into my 7th day working straight, now on first call. I am weary and battered. I can hear my mother in my mind :

"Oh, Little One, the battleground of the heart is the storm. The storm does not try to knock you down --

though it will if you let it.

No, the storm is trying to teach you how to stand tall."

"How does it do that?," I remember asking.

"It does that by making you strong."

Her fingers ran through my hair. "The weakest step forward, Little One, is stronger than any storm."

"How is that, Mama?"

"Because when you face life

instead of running from fear, from pain, from the dark,

when you walk into the wall of the cold winds, you build the muscles of your heart, your spirit."

She smiled sadly, "And you become strong ... strong enough to be kind to others who chose the dark path of selfishness and fear and running from pain ... and from themselves."

"How can anyone run from themselves? That's as silly as trying to run from your own shadow!"

Mother nodded, "You would be surprised how many never come to that simple child's wisdom."

"Then, why be kind to them, Mama?"

She mussed my hair again,

"Because by choosing the dark path of running from pain, from life, from the testing by fire ...

they have chosen to be weak and to always be less than what they could have been."

She tweaked my nose. "They have hurt themselves enough. Do not add to it by being angry with them. Be strong enough to feel compassion for those who have none for you. Understand?"

I nodded "yes" though I hadn't a clue. Mother just laughed and hugged me.




  1. Have a marvelous Mother's Day!

  2. Your mother was an incredible person and I'm so happy you had her.

    Cheers to our moms in Heaven and I hope you manage to have a restful weekend!

  3. Beautiful insight, and a beautiful post.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Veronica :
    I'm bringing rare blood to hospitals all day today, so I am bringing health to those who are in need. A happy duty for me, Roland

    WordsCrafter :
    No rest for me this weekend. But that means a better weekend for those who are ill. Have a great weekend yourself, Roland

    Mojo :
    Always good hearing from you. And thank you for visiting and commenting, Roland

  5. Wise woman. You are very blessed to have had a mother who loves you and tried to guide you in the ways of strength and virtue. (=

  6. Jo :
    Sometimes I think she read the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius when I wasn't looking. LOL.

    Yes, I was lucky. Her love was a constant in my life. I never had to doubt it. That and her wisdom have provided me a rock-solid foundation.

    I hope your Mother's Day went well. Me? I'm still at work. Whew!

  7. My dear friend: I envy you your mother. To grow up hearing such "poetry" is awesome. I can see how she influenced your writing!

    I have Rites of Passage on my Kindle. I started reading it and haven't finished it not because it's not incredible--it is--but life got in my way again. I hope to get back to it soon. I have missed it. Whenever I read your prose, the poetry of it carries me beyond the daily humdrum such as working nonstop for seven days. Gosh. That's miserable. But keep your mother's voice in your head. She will guide you through the weary hours.
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  8. Thanks, Ann :
    Life does have a way of ganging up on you, doesn't it?

    Your kind words about my book made my evening -- along with Jo's. Pace yourself. Yes, 7 days straight has been a task fit for Hercules!

    I heard my mother very strong last night when I was so weary. May strength and love come to you from a healing source whenever you need it, Ann.