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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


After Hibbs got over the shock of "pawing" it from Utah to Canada,

he and I made pretty good time to the lovely home of Wendy Tyler Ryan.

Hibbs collapsed in the flower bed, moaning about paws worn down to nubs. And Wendy and I started our interview :

Roland :

Wendy, why the decision to self-publish?

Wendy :
In the beginning, it was terrifying to even consider it. I foolishly thought that self-publishing had this dark, black aura around it.

The query road was long and hard, but also affirming. I can't tell you how many times I heard, "great writing, but..."

- "wonderfully executed, but"...

I soon realized that the market was tight and narrowly focused with regards to genre.

My main character didn't bite or shapeshift so I was out. I believe that every genre is a "niche genre".

Someone somewhere will want to read what you've written, so I dove in.

Roland :
And your cover alone is a work of art, much less your magnificent book trailer. But what do you think is the biggest drawback to self-publishing?

There isn't an easy answer to that, but for one, just learning how to do it all can be a huge challenge.

I know there are services out there, but most can't afford them.

By the time you pay this person and that person and the other person, how many books are you going to have to sell to make that money back?

My advice would be to pay for the services you absolutely can't do on your own and learn how to do the rest.

I can't stress enough how important a cover is to a book. Equally important is the editing. Don't put a book out with spelling errors and poor grammar.

Another huge undertaking will be marketing your book. Unless you know thousands of people personally, you are going to have to spend a great deal of energy on finding creative ways to get it in front of people.

Once you've exhausted your friends and family list, you can't let your book wallow in obscurity. You will have to be vigilant.

Hibbs sticks his head in the window :
French Quarter what?

That's right, furface. Laugh it up. Just because your book has 8 great reviews and Sam doesn't! Anyway, Wendy, do you think you will find that "niche" for your book?

I hope so. Fire's Daughter is the first book in my Fire Through Time trilogy. It is a Fantasy Romance with a medieval feel and a healthy dose of adventure.

After all, who doesn't love a woman with a sword?

Hibbs snickers from the window :
Guess who has an autographed picture of Xena on his wall?

Wendy kindly ignores my furry friend :
And who doesn't love a woman who risks everything for the one man she loves?

After maturely sticking his tongue out at Hibbs, Roland asks :
After your trilogy is finished, what's next?

After the trilogy I plan to publish what I guess would be classified as "women's fiction" (can you tell I hate genre labels?)

The title is "Between Friends" and it's the story of two women who meet and become the best of friends,

each unaware that they are involved with the same man. I might have to sell a box of tissues with each copy!

Roland :
It certainly sounds like it will be a grave test for those two women's friendship. But I'm a sucker for books or movies like BEACHES. Thank you, Wendy, for being such a gracious host.

Wendy :
No, thank you so much, Roland, for letting me blather on about myself and my book, I really appreciate it.

Hibbs, his head still sticking through the open window :
Really? You got any honey?


  1. Thanks again, Roland, I enjoyed our time together. I hope Hibbs liked the pure Canadian maple syrup I offered in place of honey.

  2. David :
    Isn't that cover awesome? It makes you want to pick up the book, doesn't it?

    Wendy :
    Hibbs loves anything sweet ... or anything he can fit into that mouth of his!! But now, you've spoiled him.

    I enjoyed our time together, too. May sales from your book go through the roof. Roland

  3. Good cover art is important to catch a reader's attention. The art for Fire's Daughter surpasses a lot of the art on 'traditionally published works.'

  4. I love the cover, too, and the book trailer is very cool, too. Sounds like my kind of book...

  5. Great interview. Who doesn't love a woman with a sword?

  6. Wendy, I admire your tenacity and strength. The cover is awesome and your trailer is truly inspiring.

    You certainly are off to a great start.

    Roland, as always you are the perfect host.

  7. Roland- wonderful interview, Wendy that is good advice learn what you can and pay for what you can't.

  8. Wonderful, inspiring interview Roland! Wendy, the book looks and sounds great. Best of luck!

  9. Thanks to everyone for dropping by to eavesdrop on Roland, Hibbs and I. I truly appreciate your comments and support.

  10. Terry :
    Yes, Wendy's cover surpasses so many of the lackluster covers I see publishing houses put out.

    Tessa :
    Wendy's cover does make you want to pick up and read the book, doesn't it?

    Angela :
    Xena thinks the same thing!

    Michael :
    Thanks so much for agreeing to be a host for Wendy's blog tour and thanks for the great comment.

    Thanks, Summer :
    We all must learn and grow in this dream of ours, don't we? Thank you so much for visiting and commenting.

    Johanna :
    Having great visitors like yourself stopping by and caring enough to comment helps more than words can say. Thanks, Roland

    Wendy :
    It was such fun and so inspirational doing the interview with you. And Hibbs loved the Canadian Maple syrup! Roland

  11. This looks like an exciting book, great interview, great trailer :)

  12. Hi,

    When are the on-line launch parties?

    C'mon guys, get out the bubbly, and let's have some fun!! ;)

    Lovely fun interview. And, best of luck both on upcoming book sales.


  13. Siv :
    Good to see you again. I hope life is leveling out for you some. Hang in there. I'm in your corner.

    Francine :
    Aren't they starting at your blog? LOL. Thanks for the well wishes. I'm sure Wendy would love for you to ask her a question or two on your blog. Have a great day. Me? I'm off to the blood wars for a loooong day, Roland

  14. Enjoyed this interview. Her stuff sounds good. I will check it out.
    I've been following so many good writers who are self published lately.
    It's becoming less marginal and is heading toward the norm--the new way it's done in this age of ready and easy technology.

  15. Great interview! And a cool cover is a must.

  16. The cover looks great, the trailer rocks, now I guess it's what's within the pages that counts! Pity services are so ex pensive. Marketing would be a huge hurdle in self pubbing I'd say.

    Thanks Roland for hosting Wendy.

    Perhaps you could share a few hundred words of some of your work on our Romantic Friday Wendly. Your 'women's fiction' sounds rather good.


    Romantic Friday Writers Second Challenge - LOST - Friday 20

  17. Great blog! I found you through the "Romantic Friday Writers". I look forward to visiting again.

  18. ...geez Roland, you and Wendy sure know how to please a crowd;)

    One of the best author interviews I've ever read. Loved it! And I'm sure Hibbs appreciated your allowing him to tag along north of the border:)


  19. Thanks, Sylvia :
    I look forward to see what you will write this Friday for Denise's and Leigh's Romantic Writers post, Roland

    Elliot :
    And thank you for one of the nicest compliments I've had on a post. Hibbs is happy to roam no matter where -- just so long as there is food at the end of the trail!

    Wendy did all the heavy lifting on this interview, Elliot. The praise belongs to her. Umff! All right, Hibbs, and to you, too! Roland

  20. Thnaks for all the wonderful comments. You guys are great.

    Denise: I'll have to take that in some Friday soon, after I've caught my breath.

  21. Jo :
    I certainly hope self-publishing is getting less marginal! Sam McCord does, too. I think you'd enjoy Wendy's book.

    Alex :
    Yes, when I go browsing through the titles at a bookstore, I will be drawn to pick up a book with a great-looking cover -- even if it's out of my usual thing to read.

    Denise :
    If Wendy can squeeze in some time between her making new book trailers for customers and writing her sequel, I'm sure her post would make for some excellent reading.

    And you're right : marketing is a real challenge for us self-published! Roland

  22. Oh my gosh, thank you SO much for your generosity in giving me FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE! (looked for an e-mail address for you but couldn't find one) I am busy downloading Kindle for PC and Kindle for Blackberry :-)

  23. Ok, Amazon just told me that Kindle for Blackberry is not available for non-US residents. Bummer. At least I have a PC!

  24. Rachel :
    I thought my email was in my profile. Here it is for you and others who might want to email me :

    And you're welcome. I hope you enjoy FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE. Roland