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Monday, May 23, 2011


Wow! Denise Covey and Francine Howarth have graciously given me the honor of :

"Featured Romantic Friday Writer of the Week."

It was for my entry for the LOST theme, taken from my urban fantasy, FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE :

If you would like to read my entry go to their featured writer web page :

Better yet ... join in the fun and become a Friday Romantic Writer yourself. You never know who is dropping by.

And for those of you who liked NIKITA (whose Maggie Q could play Meilori in a movie) here is :


  1. Congrats Roland, you totally deserve it! I love Nikita too :)

  2. Thanks, Siv. I've yet to see it -- only the previews and clips. I am going to have buy the DVD collection. No commercials and I can stop to answer a blood run without missing anything!!

    Did you know we have the same exact birthday? Is that cool, or what?

  3. Congratulations, Roland! I never thought of you much as a romantic writer, more of a gritty realist, but then what do I know? I guess I should read your books!

  4. congratulations, Roland, nice to have a guy with a romantic side. I'm thinking of joining Friday Romance Writers, just not sure yet.

  5. Karen :
    Thank you for the congratulations. As for gritty realism ... Ah, but I write and believe in fantasy. And what is more fantasy than the real and illusory love? You have a cyber gift coming your way. Roland

    Wendy :
    Thanks. My romantic side has gotten me into so much trouble, but love is like that sometimes. I would like to see you join in the Friday fun, Roland

  6. You are a well-deserved Featured Writer Roland. Thanks for the shout out. We're having a ball aren't we? More the merrier.


  7. Denise :
    I try to touch the heart with every novel I write. Victor has his ghoul friend, Alice. Sam has his empress, Meilori. Luke Winters has his Donna, Victoria. Hibbs even has Leandra, the Sidhe of Snow and Sorrows.

    I'm glad to shout you guys out. Ah, I guess I'm kinda shouting out myself since I'm in your club, and all. LOL.

    Thanks again for featuring me, Roland

    Alleged Author :
    Tell me what you think, will you?

  8. ...I've no doubt that you'll have 'em weeping at your door step come Saturday morning:)

    Considering that you're one of only a select few storytellers capable of painting beauty into a scene filled with fisticuffs and bloodshed, I'm betting that you'll do fine.

    Looking forward to it,


  9. Congratulations! What a beautiful, lyrical piece. I could Meilori in my mind's eye. You have a stunning gift and I am so glad you sharing it with the rest of us.

  10. Elliot :
    I believe that there is Yin and Yang in most things -- even violent, grim moments. Thanks for the vote of confidence. This upcoming Friday romantic challenge is GLITZ & GLAMOR. That could be a true challenge for me!

    Melissa :
    I'm glad you could see Meilori in your mind's eye. She has taken on a reality in my imagination, right on up there with Samuel McCord and Victor Standish with his Alice.

    Your compliment really made my evening. Ah, the ambulance sirens are blaring by my apartment, threatening my peaceful night with the grim possibility of blood runs. Sigh. Have a great new week, Roland

  11. I loved this, thank you. I'm looking forward to discovering more gems on your site :)

  12. Your Lost story was absolutely stunning! I really enjoyed it - congratulations on being featured writer this week - thoroughly deserved!
    Looking forward to this week's piece

  13. Thank you, Sarah :
    Your site is lovely as well. I hope you enjoy a few of my posts. I tried to make them entertaining and sometimes informative. Roland

    Laura :
    Yours and Sarah's compliments on my LOST entry made my afternoon. Thanks for liking my writing. May this new week be great for all of us. Roland