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Sunday, May 29, 2011

THE LAST SHAMAN by best-selling author - Roland Yeomans

{Cover format courtesy of Wendy Tyler Ryan}

Hey, I can dream, can't I?

"The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside,

somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God.

Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be

and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature."

- Anne Frank

THE LAST SHAMAN is another novella submitted to Kindle for their Singles Division. Wish me luck there.

The time has come to listen to the echoes from our land...

the wisdom and teachings of the mountains, streams, and woods.

Their words are simple and their voices are soft. We have not heard them, because we have not taken the time to listen.

We have been too busy smothering them in crypts of concrete and steel.

Perhaps now is the time to open our ears and our hearts to the words of wisdom whispered on the last winds of this world

before the final sunset bleeds across the horizon.

Journey with the last Lakota shaman, Wolf Howl. The white govenments call him Drew August. Those who hunt him call him Death.

His is the power of the mind unleashed. His is the curse of seeing that the world is sailing into regions of space where different rules apply,

where different predators hunt, and the race of Man is heading towards that final conflict the Mayans predicted so long ago.

The last day of Man has dawned.

Watch as Wolf Howl turns to meet his human hunters. Shadow, the love of his life, returns to aid his hunters. Then, Mankind's death descends. Can he save Shadow before the world's time runs out?

Give it a try. It's only 99 cents. How cool is that?



  1. Ooh, sounds really interesting. Hope it does well for you.

    And of course you can dream and dreams can come true.

    Pamela Jo

  2. Pamela Jo :
    I tried to make it engaging, touching, and uplifting (though it dealt with the End of Days.) We'll both dream, right?

  3. Hi Roland .. good luck - not having a Kindle .. I'm out of luck at the moment .. sounds a really interesting short story to stimulate our minds.

    Good luck with the Singles entry - it'll be interesting to see how it goes ..

    Cheers for now - Hilary

  4. You know what I like Roland? (Well, apart from chocolate), sure, you're dreaming. You're also getting off your bum and helping to make the dream come true.

  5. Hilary :
    If you check my sidebar, you will find the link to the FREE application, KINDLE FOR PC. Downloading it, you will make your computer a giant Kindle for FREE. How cool is that? Amazon also allows you to download the first pages for free, too.

    Sarah :
    I like your new picture. Well, I thought I would make it possible for readers out in cyber land to have a wide choice of my writings. My next book, FALLEN'S NOT JUST MY NAME, is told through the eyes of a female fae in our modern world. The Last fae she believes.

  6. That's awesome! Best of luck with it Roland! I'm looking forward to it.

  7. Roland you've turned into a machine! Book after book. You really inspire me to get one of mine into print. That would mean I'd have to stop blogging, stop reading and concentrate on the main game...

    This sounds powerful as are all your writings. Can't wait to read it.


    Wonder what you'll come up with for 'I remember...'

  8. Heather :
    Thank you. I tried for yet another voice, though it is similar to Luke Winter's. Hope you enjoy it.

    Thanks, Denise :

    I've already written my entry for "I remember." It is 400 words to the dot. And if the highways don't take me, I will have it up Thursday night.

    Amanda Hocking taught me that a writer should have a variety of works up so as to hook as many different kinds of readers as possible.

    My next one, THE LAST FAE, (a hefty 70,000 word paranormal romance told through female eyes),

    hopefully will snare women readers who want to read of the adventures of a fae female told through her unique perspective..

    I am getting fatigued but unbowed. I believe THE LAST FAE will be it for awhile as my fingers and muse heal! LOL. Roland

  9. I just wanted to say thanks for the gift, Roland. I have to wait to check it out, since I am going through a big move right now. I'll arrive in Hungary in August, so I can try it then. Thanks again!

  10. Hi Roland ... REALLY!! I've spotted it and I'll definitely give the FREE KINDLE PC App a try .. AMAZING .. will it make make my screen extra large too ... plaintive she cried!

    Cheers -- cool certainly .. Hilary

  11. Ted :
    I hope your big move to Hungary turns out to be as pleasant as possible. Have a great day today.

    Hilary :
    Alas, your screen will remain the same -- though it will seem bigger as your mind wanders all the great books offered by Amazon -- some classics and first in a series are even offered for free. Just type "free kindle books" in Amazon's search books and you will find them.

  12. Thanks Roland .. sad really - could do with a BIG SCREEN!! but wonderful .. it's about time I ventured into this world.

    Judy Croome sent me Smashwords voucher for her book .. so that's something else I need to give a try to .. as well -

    Cheers for now .. Hilary

  13. Roland, I am most impressed by all you've done with your writing. I am going to have to venture over to Amazon and buy your books. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  14. Hilary :
    I think you'll be happy for wandering through the Kindle books and Smashswords, too. Have only the best today, Roland

    Susan :
    Thanks. I hope you enjoy a tale or two of mine. And yours is a lovely blog, too. May your little one soon become well, Roland

  15. Roland, I'm back from a long holiday to discover that you've published another one. Your creativity and stamina appear to be endless. Good for you! I wish you luck with your new book. I love many of the subjects you write about and celebrate the fact that you are versatile, openminded, and not stuck on one genre. I'm going to have to download that kindle app.

  16. Sounds very interesting!! You're writing is so engaging...

    Best of luck to you!

  17. You sound very connected to your subject matter. Good luck with selling your novella on Kindle!

  18. Hi, Roland,

    Lovely cover from Wendy..... Good luck with your novella.

    These folkloric themes are you signature my friend ...

  19. be perfectly honest, Roland, when I read the title of your post, I didn't bat an eye ;)

    It's only a matter of time, my friend.

    My compliments to Wendy on the brilliant cover, and wishing you all the best.


  20. Laila :
    I hope you do enjoy one or two of my books : several are just 99 cents. KINDLE FOR PC will open a great world for you. Amazon offers many FREE books through Kindle. How cool is that?

    Barbara :
    Thanks for the kind words. I try to give the reader a great time, some laughter, some thrills, and perhaps even a bit of reflection to go with them.

    The Desert Rocks :
    Each of my characters is a facet of myself. Each crisis a reflection of moments in my own life. Have a great today.

    Michael :
    Like Mel in SERENITY : "I have a style?" Thanks for the support, old friend. Roland

    Thanks, Elliot :
    I wrote that title with tongue firmly in cheek! But I pray that very soon the both of us will be hitting the best seller lists! Roland

  21. 'Best-selling' has a good ring to it, doesn't it Roland? You're certainly on your way to making it happen.

    The Last Fae....can't wait!

    Beautiful cover for The Last Shaman.

  22. Margo :
    Yes, it does. I hope "best selling" will soon apply to you, Tony ... and, of course, to me. Ah, we can hope, can't we? THE LAST FAE has jumped out in Kindle already. But Wendy Tyler Ryan is busily working on a trailer and new formatting for her. Fallen insisted, being a saucy fae and all! Roland

  23. You rock. Best of luck on your new novella. The world needs you! (=

  24. Thanks, Jo :
    I wish Clark all the best with his dream. How is it going, by the way? And the world needs all of us with caring hearts, Jo. =)

  25. (=
    It's going slow-- but he's no quitter. He'll find a way--as we all must.
    True, true. (=