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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

by Robert Frost

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman Star Yvette Vickers Found Mummified in her home.

Former Playboy pinup and B-movie actress Yvette Vickers died at the age of 82.

But it wasn't until a year later—last Wednesday—that her mummified body was found in her Beverly Hills home.

Neighbor Susan Savage found the Attack of the 50 Foot Woman star lying on the floor of an upstairs room,

after pushing open a barricaded front gate, "scaling a hillside",

climbing through a broken window and pushing through stacks of "clothes, junk mail and letters" to reach her,

according to the Los Angeles Times.

Although Vickers generally kept to herself in the neighborhood, Savage decided to check on her after seeing cobwebs and old letters in her mailbox.

This is absolutely the strangest, and saddest, story Hollywood reported lately.

We are the clouds that veil the midnight moon;
How restlessly they speed, and gleam, and quiver,
Streaking the darkness radiantly!--yet soon
Night closes round, and they are lost forever:

Percy Bysshe Shelley


  1. Thats really too bad. Strange and sad that such a beautiful woman had no one looking after her.

  2. I first came across this poem in The Outsiders by SE Hinton!

    I loved this film and thought then that Ms Vickers was absolutely stunning! It's so sad to read about how she was found. :-( May she rest in peace now. Take care

  3. A year?

    Damn. Talk about triggering fears of dying alone and friendless.

  4. I got to lost in Frost, he speaks to my heart I guess I should go back and read as well :) I just saw a giant woman and wanted to listen to the poem instead. You know how I love Frost:)

  5. My goodness, how strange and sad!

  6. How terribly sad that in the end she had no one who cared enough to visit her during that time and discover her. That story is heartbreaking.

  7. Yes, David, it felt almost like a physical blow when I read of her.

    Kitty :
    It's amazing how many first read this poem in THE OUTSIDERS. I use it in the first chapter of FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE as well. And like you, I pray that Yvette Vickers is surrounded by friends in that land that knows no shadows and where loneliness is a thing of the past.

    KatyDid :
    Yes, a whole year passed without one visit from a friend or anyone to care why the letters were piling up.

    Siv :
    I understand completely. Frost is one of my favorites. I just wanted to give a tip of my Stetson to a lovely lady who ended all alone and forgotten.

    Matthew :
    Strange and sad extremely. May all of us never be so alone at the end.

    Heather :
    It does break your heart, doesn't it? No one to care, no one to visit. Not even the mailman cared that the letters were piling up. May all of us so live that our absence of just a few days causes a loss in the lives of others. Have a great end of week, Roland

  8. A sad situation, true, but how many people refuse help, become reclusive and are delusional about their own ability to care for themselves? Family, friends and neighbors can only do so much. May we all learn from the mistakes of others.

  9. So sad to die all alone that way. =(
    Everyone should have someone in their life who would notice if they went missing for more than a day.

    Oh and I have always loved the two poems you chose. (=

  10. Oh my, I really liked that movie too but that is SO sad. What a shame people have become forgotten throw away things.

    Wonderful accompanying poems, Roland.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  11. A sad story, especially as she apparently had no one who missed her for a year.

  12. I love that poem. It's sad how no one missed her for so long.

  13. Anne :
    Yes, some make it hard for you to care, but a whole year? That is such a sad commentary of modern humanity.

    Jo : Those poems are favorites of mine, too. No matter her reclusive habits, poor Yvette deserved at least one person to care to look sooner than a whole year. So very sad.

    Jules :
    I cannot help but wonder if she were still beautiful if she would have gone a year without being missed. You're right. We have become a society that throws away ugly or older people.

    Terry :
    I would like to think all of us would have someone to miss us sooner than a year. You're right it is sad.

    Lydia :
    I love that poem as well. To think that someone in an upper-class neighborhood could go unseen for a whole year and not be missed is indeed very sad. She didn't live in isolated mountains but among "civilized" people. So sad, Roland

  14. This is very sad and traumatic to read. How could this happen we ask ourselves?

    You've been busy since I last stopped by Roland. I love tha poem I Remember. I love Robert Frost as a general rule. It's great that many are online.

    Hey and thanks friend for joining the Romantic Friday Writers group. Now you can help me think of a theme for Friday 13, first challenge. What could we do??? Ha ha.


    Join the new Romantic Friday Writers Group.

  15. This is tragic, I find it hard to believe that if she was such a good neighbor, how could she wait THAT long. After a month she should have been suspicious.

    This is one main reason why we need friends.... Recluse or no recluse.

    At first I thought you wrote the first poem, Roland, and I thought WOW, he writes great poetry.

  16. Denise :
    Why not lost love? Love in the moors? Unlucky love? I posted an advance Friday Romantic Writers segment from FRENCH QUARTER NOCTURNE. Hey, it has a music video from Josh Groban that even matches what I wrote. How cool is that?

    Michael :
    If I only wrote as well as Robert Frost!! LOL.

    Yes, it is indeed sad that 12 long months went by ... including Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year's. Why did no one go to her door sooner? Very sad. Roland

  17. Oh, Wow! What a mystery story that would make! It is so awfully sad to end up in such a manner, though. I love Robert Frost, and I do love the autumn golds. There is nothing like them. I have never seen the movie that she was in. I'll bet it is really something. I'll have to check it out and see if it is available on Netflix. thanks for posting that story. Ruby

  18. I was just thinking of that poem, actually. And how awful. I hate stories like that, but they happen. Too sad, so lonely. :o\ <3

  19. Ruby :
    Really good to see you back! Her movie wasn't Hamlet, but she did star opposite Paul Newman in HUD. To read her fate in fiction -- it wouldn't be believed. Sadly, life is sometimes more bizarre and lonely than fiction.

    Leigh :
    Funny how poems can just drift through your mind and magically appear in someone else's.

    Life is so filled with sad endings. I think the drops of rain are really the tears of God.

  20. Holy smokes. I was just thinking about this very thing today, who will notice when you die.

    What a way to be remembered after you're forgotten.

    - Eric