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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sandra, my best friend, told me one lonely night when we were both missing our absent mothers,

"An ounce of mother is worth a ton of priest."

To me, mothers share a lot in common with farmers.

Like farmers, they toil every day. They sow seeds without a promise of a sure harvest.

Under the most harsh conditions, they till the soil, pull weeds, and prune where they believe it is needed.

With no promise of a certain return or a good harvest for all their labor, they work on.

What did my own mother often tell me? "Mothers hold their children's hands for only a short time -- but their hearts forever."

And for all their efforts, their loving kindnesses, their reluctant punishments --

they tend to slowly fade into the shadows, hidden from the spotlight of their children's ever-growing focus upon themselves, their wants, their lives.

Mothers often grow ghost-like even in the eyes of their husbands, chained to the demands of job, bills, and a vitality that is frighteningly leaving them.

For all you mothers out there who feel they are slowly becoming invisible, unappreciated, and alone. Here is a video I borrowed from Kimberly Job's lovely blog, SCRIBBLED SCRAPS :



  1. Yes, happy M-Day, Mommies!

    - Eric

  2. Roland, it's good to have had the kind of mom that you ache for, especially on Mother's Day. I love that quote about moms v. priests, and the farmer analogy. I wrote about my mom, too, and how she's a gardener. I think she did a pretty great job.
    (Also, love your book trailer)

  3. Love the quotes about mothers.

    Mine has, sadly, become all but me and my sibling.

  4. Thanks for reminding me to pick up the phone today. ;) And happy Mother's Day to all!

  5. Eric :
    I wanted to get a jump on the well wishes to mothers everywhere. Thanks for your comment here and on my NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY post as well. Upon reflecting on Yvette's year long wake with only dust motes as mourners ...

    I believe if we live such a life that each day we ease the burden of some stranger or acquaintance, then whether or not we are mourned when we die will not matter. The path behind us will be easier and better for others for our having walked it. We will not have lived in vain.

    Mary :
    Didn't Wendy Tyler Ryan do a fantastic job on my book trailer?

    I both you and your mother have a great Mother's Day. And you do have a great smile.

    Damyanti :
    If your mother is truly seen by you and your sibling, then she is truly blessed. Most of us go through life never really seen as who we are by those around us. May this weekend be healing for you and all you love, Roland

    Heather :
    What did we do before phones? Letters are nice, but nothing compares to actually hearing the voice of one you love. Have a great weekend, Roland

  6. Sweet thoughts. I really learned to appreciate my mom on a new level after becoming one myself. It really is "sacred".

    I love this video-- someone shared it with me last year. (=

  7. I haven't forgotten all my mother did for me!

  8. Jo :
    Mark Twain felt the same way about his father after he became one. Yes, I loved this video so much from last year that I used it again.

    Alex :
    My mother whispers in my mind as I wander my way through life, too.