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Thursday, April 6, 2017


"The price of excellence is discipline. 
The cost of mediocrity is disappointment."
 - William Arthur Ward


My mother used to say:

"Practice makes perfect -- but only if it is perfect practice." 

Only one Olympic competition do I enjoy watching:

Women's Skating

It's a guy thing perhaps.

But there is such grace, poise, and effortlessness to those ladies.


It takes 20 years on the average 

for each of those competitors to reach the skill level to make it to the Olympics ...

starting in preschool!

In an average week, the typical elite figure skater trains six days.   

She spends the majority of each of those days focused on her craft.   

A typical day includes two or three training sessions on ice, one or two off-ice sessions, warm-ups, cool-downs, 

calculated nutrition, visualization and mental training.

Think of Concert Pianists

Besides Luck, a person needs  around 18 years of training to achieve the technical fluency 

and begin to to have some semblance of a repertoire. 

You need an impeccable musical memory:

most concert pianists that I know have at least 4 full programs of music 

that is ready or needs only the slightest polishing to be concert ready, and this is minimal. 

Sviatoslav Richter had a ridiculously large repertoire before he decided to stop playing concerts only by memory.

But This Is The MicroWave Culture

Frozen dinners taking 8 minutes are thought to take too long.

Hour Long Documentaries bore -- only sound bites attract attention.  

 Novels completed in 30 Days are applauded across the internet.

What do you think?

Do Short-cuts to Excellence 
Lead Anywhere? 

Hibbs Says:
 Never Give Up!



  1. Hi Roland - we need to keep practising. One of our pair dancers fell and badly damaged her knee - so she's out for quite a long time - I feel for her ... I'm sure she'll be back - one has to be determined to achieve so much - getting back up is essential and very possible.

    Cheers Hilary

    1. I am grieved to hear that about that poor dancer's injury -- knee injuries never do heal completely. :-(

  2. It's the same with ballet dancers--decades of work that starts around kindergarten.

    I know exactly what you mean about how we applaud people who write a book in a few weeks, when it should always be quality that matters. Then again, I just finished Ian Fleming's first Bond book, Casino Royale, which he wrote in a few weeks. Sigh. Sure, it's short and he had a couple of decades' experience in intelligence work so he didn't have to do a lick of research. But a few weeks launched his lucrative writing career? Sigh again.

    1. He also had pivotal contacts to smooth the road for him to getting his book published, too! Sigh with you. :-)

  3. My father never made any saying out of his demand, he just said "Practice!" and I did, often with some reluctance. Sometimes for emphasis he would say, "Practice, practice, practice." There were times when he was a man of few words, while other times he loved to talk and I liked to listen.

    An 8 minute microwave meal? Absurd!

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  4. My Pop who's a priest in Nigeria
    (they gottan annulment),
    wrote me in Greek:
    "suffering teaches"
    [pi+fish... some other symbols
    which I dont remember the names]

    Yes, suffering teaches...
    yet, thank GAWWWD!! life's short.
    Eternity's forever
    either Upstairs or...
    downtown withe filthy pigs.

    God bless your indelible soul.

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