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Friday, April 21, 2017

R is for Roland

"How rare it is to know who you are
how you got to be there." 
- Me

Who Is This Strange Man
Asking These Stranger Questions?

That's me daydreaming with Midnight wondering what the heck we are doing on my terrace.

Thomas Mallon wrote in the New York Times --

Novelists’ lives are considerably less interesting than they used to be. 
Longer, yes, but much drier in every sense.

He obviously has not lived my life!

* Abandoned at the age of six by my alcoholic father on the roughest street in Detroit, 

I learned over 6 weeks the true meaning of horror.

*My step-father later tried to kill me twice, jealous of the love my mother had for me.

* I ran afoul of a street gang in Lafayette, Louisiana, who were terrorizing the students from their lunch money.

Being more scared of my step-father than I was of them, 

I learned it sucked to crawl home with broken ribs, nose, and little fingers. 

* I have been forcibly evacuated twice from my city due to hurricanes destroying the town.

* I spent 3 fun-filled nights on the dark streets of New Orleans after Katrina.

*In the space of two years, I lost my last remaining childhood friend, my fiancee, my mother, and my business.

Oh, Boo Hoo, right?
Everyone has had and is having a harder time than they appear.

Still, current theory has it that adding an author bio helps 

to connect the reader in a real way to the author.

I think the author bio gives a hint to the reader what kind of prose 

is contained in the novel if the reader turns to it first.

So this is the bio I add at the end of all my novels to say HI and tip my Stetson to browsers:

Roland Yeomans was born in Detroit, Michigan.   

But his last memories of that city are hub-caps and kneecaps since, at the age of seven, he followed the free food when his parents moved to Lafayette, Louisiana.   

The hitch-hiking after their speeding car from state to state was a real adventure. 

 Once in Louisiana, Roland learned strange new ways of pronouncing David and Richard when they were last names.  

And it was not a pleasant sight when he pronounced Comeaux for the first time.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in Psychology.   

He has been a teacher, counselor, book store owner, and even a pirate since he once worked at a tax preparation firm.

Now, he runs the roads delivering rare blood to ill patients.

So far he has written forty books.   

You can find Roland at his web page:  

  or at his private table in Meilori’s.   

The web page is safer to visit.  But if you insist on visiting Meilori’s, bring a friend who runs slower than you.

For David -

Mark Twain died on this date in 

(though his true fate will be
revealed as something quite 
different in a future story of mine.)

For the ghosts of Romulus and Remus -

On this date in 753 B.C.
the brothers founded Rome on the site
where the orphaned twins
were suckled by a she-wolf. 


Just Wondering:

Do You Add An Author Bio
To Your Novels? 


  1. Wow, I knew you'd dealt with some hardships, but never imagined anything like the above!

    Liked the author bio, too.

    I was wondering if you'd digress enough to mention Mark Twain's passing on this date in 1910.

    1. I've just added your request. Being about Mark Twain how could I not?

      Also the ghosts of Romelus and Remus were somewhat peeved that I did not mention them on the R day!

  2. Hi Roland - you certainly have had one tough time ... but it's always good to know and understand where are Writing Roland has come from - cheers Hilary

    1. Everyone has had a rough time in some form or fashion. Have a great weekend!

  3. You are an inspiration. We all go through crappy times, sure, but you have always picked yourself up and walked forward. That is the key to life and that stuff that flies at us like wind, moving forward.