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Monday, April 17, 2017

N is for NEWS

“A nation of sheep will beget 
a government of wolves.”
- Edward R. Murrow


"Just because a sentence isn't a lie
doesn't mean it isn't deceptive." 
- Mark Twain

Do You Still Believe The News? 

According to the latest Gallup Poll only 32% sincerely trust the news.

But you ask: 

Can I trust that Gallup Poll?

which pretty much says it all, right?

In fact, that same poll says that only 32% of Americans 

have any faith at all in the 14 major institutions that make up America. 

That disillusionment helps explains why so many voted for Trump --

in that he was outside the system.

But then, the fox is outside the hen house, too.

Do You Trust The News Anymore?


  1. Hi Roland - I have to say I listen to the BBC, but prefer our Channel 4 news - that's more independent ... some of the things are so biased. Similarly the newspapers ... I get various articles in via Feedly ... my mind is open and aware ... but I do not follow the trend, or the masses .. it's a troublesome world - because we need to think - and that seems a trait that's dying - many just believe the few characters they read ... tweets, or headlines .. where's the back up? - where was the item extracted from ... what about the setting etc ...

    Nope - I'll stop now ... and I think and rationalise as best I can ... cheers Hilary

    1. It;s hard to find any source we can depend upon these days for objectivity. Sigh. Thanks for visiting!

  2. The media has an agenda and most news is liberally slanted. The only news source I read anymore is Fox News.

    1. I really do not believe any news source anymore. Instead, I look for what obvious things are NOT being mentioned and research them on the internet. Double Sigh. :-)

  3. The media used to be about informing the public. Now they are about controlling public opinion and swaying us.

  4. We've had a revolution. It didn't involve guns; it involved using the U.S. process to get the people in power to pay attention. We may not "love' Trump (small humor attempt) but we got him because nobody was listening to what people were feeling and thinking and saying!!! I'm not a democrat. I'm not a republican. I'm one of those green people who has no voice, but keeps trying anyway. Fake news? We've always had that, just not so quickly or so widely disseminated. And we used to have people who read with a critical mind. Some colleges are beginning to recognize that we no longer have those minds at work and are developing courses to start the training. The pendulum doth swing. I have faith in the human race. It just irks me to no end at times. Here's to O, Roland.

    1. I believe Trump was elected because he was OUTSIDE the system that many saw to be corrupt and deaf to their pleas.

      It irked me to hear that congressman say he would not attend the inaugeration because Trump was not a legitimate president.

      Excuse me? He won the election. What kind of democracy is it when you support the winner only if he was your choice? Sigh.